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Anavar only cycle - thoughts

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2009/07/14 14:13:50 (permalink)

Anavar only cycle - thoughts

What do you guys think of an Anavar only cycle - 8 weeks between 50mg-60mg each day. Stacked with some natural test booster? PCT obviously afterwards.
What would i be looking to gain from this - mass wise, strength wise and fat loss wise?
Anyone done a cycle of this only? Im not a fan of injecting.

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    Re:Anavar only cycle - thoughts 2009/07/14 14:30:32 (permalink)
    The drug its self won't do an awful lot for fat loss this will be dictated by diet and training. Never ran it so won't comment but just wanted to point that out.
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    Re:Anavar only cycle - thoughts 2009/07/14 18:23:08 (permalink)
    i am currently in week 7 of 80mg/day Anavar only cycle and have noticeable increase in strength, vascularity and an overall hardening of the muscles. i love this stuff...
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    Re:Anavar only cycle - thoughts 2009/07/15 10:28:20 (permalink)
    I never thought ov Anavar as a bulker but mass gains will be dictated more by diet anyway. If you want to bulk up, eat to bulk up, if you want to lose fat eat to lose fat. As is often said on here, trying to do both at the same time is a non starter.
    Never used Anavar myself but also hear that strength gains can be good.
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    Re:Anavar only cycle - thoughts 2009/07/15 13:37:19 (permalink)
    im currently runnig var at 100mg ed with a test e 350 mg wk, gotta say not really noticed the var like i thought i would or even as i have in the past but im using one labs (wont mention) 50mg new pills, anyone else had any experianc with these? back to your q tho one of my first cycles was var winny at 50mg and 40mg respectivley, i loved it, made good gains got vey vainy and had insane pumps at times so intense i couldnt complete the full amount of reps for each exercise. this i perhapts why i was expecting more out of my current high dosed cycle, putting it down to quality of the lab tho. imo youll enjoy a var only cycle, make sure you have nova on hand for pct, and run the var for 8 weeks ayt at least 40mg ed pref double
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    Re:Anavar only cycle - thoughts 2009/07/15 21:42:27 (permalink)
    Hi, Ive done several Anavar only cycles in the past and it is great for strength, power and muscle hardness. IMO it is best at a dose of 100mg each day. Ive tried 50mg for 4 weeks and 80mg for 8 weeks and the best results were 100mg for 4 weeks, with very little sides. 
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