Helpful ReplyAnd the award for most patient gym goer of the day goes to…

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2015/02/11 23:04:35 (permalink)

And the award for most patient gym goer of the day goes to…

Well at least I thought I was in the running for the award, so much so that I’d actually started to convince myself I was part of a hidden camera show and expected to be greeted by cheers from the crowd and a shower of confetti upon my exit from the gym building.
To start with I had to contend with the human shadow, the guy that seems to follow you around the gym picking up your weights in-between sets, and working from the exact same routine. I wouldn’t have minded as much, but I wasn’t doing the most conventional workout, alternating shoulders and legs with no rest between sets due to being short on time made me suspicious.
Next we had the guy wearing a button down shirt. He wasn’t just any guy wearing a button down shirt, he was a smelly guy wearing a button down shirt. And an annoying one at that. He and his sidekick seemed to be lacking in spacial awareness, possibly due to his own stench playing tricks with their cognitive systems. Anyway, they were a royal pain in the arse walking within inches of me whilst squatting and overhead pressing.
As if things couldn’t get any worse, the gym radio decided to cut-out. Usually I’m not a fan of the gym radio, but I soon realised, it was my only respite from Mr Stinky Shirt and his ridiculous grunt to weight ratio during sets of curls. Not only this, but his presumably anosmic sidekick decided to do his best to whistle along to the previously cut short song on the radio.
At this point I made my exit, sadly not greeted by cheers from the crowd and a shower of confetti.
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Re: And the award for most patient gym goer of the day goes to… 2015/02/12 08:07:22 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby The_Lone_Wolf 2015/02/12 08:48:54

LOL, in all seriousness... we all have the bad nights in the gym.
I had the gym floor manager walk between me (squatting 200kg) and the mirror because it was a short cut for a 2.5kg plate she wanted. For one night i just wanted to be a 400lb black woman so i could give it the "awwwlll helllll noo, you just did naaawt!"

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