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Any Cleanish Bulk diet help appreciated.

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2009/07/23 15:10:51 (permalink)

Any Cleanish Bulk diet help appreciated.

Right, first thing there isnt much variety as it looks, and I know this, but please any help appreciated.  Just looking at timing carbs around workouts, and wondering how this is looking for meals etc.

I work shifts so generally food will be every 2hrs 30 or 3 hours, dependant on what time I can train or what time Im at work, but kcals will always be similar and I assume that by manipulating carbs timing I can limit the excess of carbs in my diet.

Im currently 22, 5ft 10 180lbs and 8.2% BF, (by accumeasure caliper measurements)
Im fairly active, train 4/5 times a week, football on Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays.  My job is hit and miss, sometimes we do loads, sometimes not much, but it is a lot of walking.  I used the Harris Benedict Formulae to work out my BMR and required kcals for a bulk (just a starting figure).

For 3900kcals for bulking.
Im looking at around 300g protein per day as a starting figure.1200 kcals.
300g carbs per day 1200kcals.
166g fat per day =1500kcals.

Meal 1
2scoops 90+, 1 banana, 3 weetabix
P-60 C-77 F-6 Kcals-578
Meal 2
1 tins of tuna, 2 tbsp of olive oil
P-35.2 C-0 F-30 Kcals-416
Meal 3/Pre WO.
90+ 2 scoops, 400ml milk, 80g oats
P-68.4 C-82.1 F-5.6 Kcals-603
2scoops garnell whey+pro flapjack
P-43.9 C-36.8 F-10 Kcals-343

This would normally be a normal meal with the GF, high in protein, and high in carbs from rice/pasta.
P-60ish C-80ish F-10ish kcals650ish

Meal 6
1 tins of tuna, 2 tbsp of olive oil
P-35.2 C-0 F-30 Kcals-416

Before bed
2scoops 90+
P-45 C-1.4 f-1.4 kcals-176

Days breakdown.
P-347.7 C-275 F-93 Kcals-3,182

I normally in addition to 1 meal I eat nuts and raisins, around 100g of a 200g pack, nutirional breakdown is:

P-18.6 C-32.6 F 26.8 Kcals-450

which makes the totals P-366.3 C-307.6 F-119.8 Kcals 3632.

Which I have realise after typing this out is still relatively low.  I will be increasing the fruit intake with maybe my PWO I will have an apple or something.  I do eat greens, but the greens I eat are varied hense me not typing them up, im a big fan of broccoli. 

Any help appreciated, I know I should monitor/adjust, but wanted some insights on what you would change and wether this method works ok for people.



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    Re:Any Cleanish Bulk diet help appreciated. 2009/07/23 18:24:09 (permalink)
    Less protein and fat and more carbs if youre very active.
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