Any female power lifters? BDFPA?

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2011/03/28 14:50:27 (permalink)

Any female power lifters? BDFPA?

Is there any female power lifters out there?  I've been training on and off for years and am just looking into doing a competition (BDFPA).  I think I may need to up my training frequency - I was just wandering how often you train for squat,bench and deadlift.  Also, anyone else part of the BDFPA?  I saw the girls in Bournemouth the other week - some of them were seriously strong!!!  Really impressive...
Thanks in advance.
Take care.

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    Re:Any female power lifters? BDFPA? 2011/03/28 16:05:10 (permalink)
    Hi PL and welcome to MT
    Elfintan is our resident powerhouse but not sure if that's the fed she competes with but I'm sure she can help you with your questions. Good luck with your comps
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    Re:Any female power lifters? BDFPA? 2011/03/28 17:12:30 (permalink)
    Hey PL,
    Have done a little ......a veeeeeery long time ago. Did quite well, however I decided that PL was not for me. However as I get older and BB competing starts to take its toll on the body then maybe I will give it another go.
    Lou X

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    Re:Any female power lifters? BDFPA? 2011/03/29 15:49:09 (permalink)
    Hey PL,
    I compete with the GPC/BPC and had my first comp in March. My training is based on Westside Barbell style training and I train 4 x per week. 2 days are upper body training and 2 days are lower body training. Each upper and lower sessions is split into a Max Effort Day and a Dynamic Effort day using a whole variety of exercises so it looks something like this -
    Monday Upper Max Effort 
    Close Grip Bench - working to single heavy reps
    Dips - 3 x 8
    Rack Press - 3x8
    Lat Pulls Downs 3 x 8
    Long Pulley Rows - 3 x 8
    Rear Delts 3 x 8
    Max Lower
    Rack Pulls - to single heavy reps
    Good Mornings 3 x 8
    Reverse Hypers - 3 x 8
    Glute Ham Raise 3 x 8
    Heavy abs 6-9 sets reps 6-8
    Dynamic Uppers
    Board Press 50% of 1RM 8 x 3
    Rack Press -  3 x 8
    Military Press - 3 x 8
    Tbar Row - 3 x 8
    DB Row - 4 x 8
    Dynamic Lower
    Box Squats 50% 1RM 2 x 10 (always on lower DE)
    Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 8
    Lying Ham Curls 3 x 8
    Single Leg Hypers 4 x 8
    The 'main' exercise will change every work out but lower Max days will alternate with a squat based and a deadlift based exercise BUT I don't actually deadlift and squat every week...more than do variations of them and I focus on my weaker points. The same for Upper days....then is a 'bench' type main exercise. On max effort the focus is one getting 1RM on that particular exercise on that particular day. Dymanic effort is NOT about shifting heavy weight but about explosive movement and perfecting technique.
    I am still very much teething on this style of training but I find it enjoyable in it's variation and above all it has put weight on my lifts literally week on week so all happy days!
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