Anyone had cosmetic dentistry?

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2009/07/23 01:28:49 (permalink)

Anyone had cosmetic dentistry?

Hi fellas,
Long story short, had a brace at 14/15 for three years, great, however I foolishly didn't wear the retainer brace: result, gap between two front teeth.
Now this doesn't majorly upset me and I have got used to it. However, i'm wondering if any of you guys have had cosmetic dentistry? Was it worthwhile? Expensive?
Would veneers be an option here?
Some girls moan on about teeth being very important etc, and my teeth are great, apart from the gap lol. I guess I am becoming a bit self-conscious about it.
Any help/experiences appreciated.

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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 07:00:45 (permalink)
    I never noticed it.

    Plus they'll be easier to clean

    The bee gees became famous with normal teeth, then had a dental makeover and suddenly they all had more teeth than a ferrari gearbox, all snow white and spirit level straight. Looked weird.

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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 07:14:59 (permalink)
    I had full train tracks a couple of years ago - you have to wear a bonded retainer forever as an adult to keep things in their new position whereas when you have it as a child your skull/jaw are still supple and accomodate it much better.

    I dont notice the retainers at all (they are tiny strips of wire that sit behind the teeth) but you have to clean your teeth immaculately with interdental sticks twice a day otherwise they are prone to rotting.

    The whole lot with extractions/whitening cost 4k(ish). I paid it at about £140 a month to the ortho.
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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 13:48:37 (permalink)
    I had fixed braces on both top and bottom (clear brackets, white wires) at age 25 and now have fixed retainers too.

    Wore them for 12 months , discomfort was minimal but the mouth ulcers were a bit of a pain in the ar5e. This was largely my own fault though because I was super-paranoid about having food stuck in them so was constantly running my tongue over them to check.

    Absolutely without doubt the best £3k my lovely mum ever spent (plus £15 in Bonjela).

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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 13:52:38 (permalink)
    my gf has had and she says it was the best money she ever her spent.

    I barely say her smile the first year we were togther as she was so self conscious! Now she is like a cheshire cat lol
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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 14:04:08 (permalink)
    I had braces for 5 years when I was younger.

    I started with plastic removable braces, then moved onto top and bottom train tracks, then had the little rubber bands, then had a bar between my upper molars, and then finally ended up with a head brace to be worn at home and during sleep. You could say my teeth and jaw were pretty messed up before hand.

    My teeth ended up rediculously perfect, but then I stood on my retainer and had to wait 2-3 days for it to be repaired. I now have a tiny gap between my front teeth but that's the only problem. Other than that and some repaired teeth from rugby, I love my teeth now.

    The only work I'm having done now (soon) is having some old repairs re-done and chips grinded out.

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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 14:08:40 (permalink)

    Cheers, wasn't sure how noticable it was.

    I'm probably not going to bother. There's better things I can spend a couple of G's on at the moment, maybe when I have alot more cash!

    Thanks guys.
    Just to add: Had full train tracks (upper/lower) at 14/15 for 3 years ish. It was the retainer I didn't wear..
    So train tracks are not an option again, no way, I hated those things and made me very self-conscious at a particularly self-conscious age!
    I'm talking about veneers, crowns, porcelain etc.
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    Re:Anyone had cosmetic dentistry? 2009/07/23 15:57:39 (permalink)
    Yes about 50k worth because i was born with a gentic conditon that mean my adult teeth never came through properly and the as a result it hink of the top of my head only 16 teeth in my whole mouth most of which with the exception of the front four and two molars on the back of bother upper and lower are baby teeth. In answer to your question yes it was worth it to me was so self conscious you wouldnt believe didnt even kiss a girl till i was 18 when it was all fixed. Wouldnt even talk to people as i was so conscious of how I looked etc. Now well Im a different person as those who have met me on the board will tell you and whilst my teeth still arnt great they wont be will i get my implants I can quite honestly say it changed my life. However be prepared for a shed load of pain if you do go down that route.


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