Arched back

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2009/07/15 08:04:38 (permalink)

Arched back

Ive lurked around these forums for a long while and its been very helpful, but i think this is my first post so hi everyone!

Im about to join up at a gym (after almost a year long hiatus) and I was doing some basic weights in the house to get on the first rung of the ladder, and ive noticed that any exercise putting any sort of stress on my lower back was resulting in twinges and pain in the area. shoulder press and bent over rows spring to mind. After some research Im quite sure that aside from the obvious muscle weakness from sitting on my arse all day Ive also got an (un)healthy case of Anterior Pelvic Tilt.

I cant afford a physio and through the nhs id probably have to wait 'til hell froze over so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a line of action, exercises i should do to avoid injuring my back and exercises/activites that will correct the issue itself?

thanks in advance.

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    Re:Arched back 2009/07/15 09:28:08 (permalink)
    I'm not an expert but my son does have a serious back injury. He has been doing weights for about 14 weeks now and has been ok. We started with real low weights and built up. We started with a 3 day weights 3 day cardio routine (no running for him however). Bearing in mind when we started he had been in a back brace for the 6 mths prior to the weights trying to heal 2 fractures on L5 so he hadn't done anything physical for sure during that period and for about 6 mths prior to that aswell.
    We don't do any standing barbell or dumbbell exercises as this protects the back a bit more, he uses a weight belt for certain exercises which helps, we have read, watched and been shown best ways to perform these exercises to try to minimise any problems. So form comes before size of weights for us. We have done 3 days per weak where we strengthen the rectus abdominus and the obliques because everything seems to point to needing a strong core. Any sit ups have been the ones were back is pressed to floor and just shoulders come off floor ifswim to protect his back. We also found that I especially had some aching of my back on certain exercises so we were advised to have the patner sit back to back with me whilst performing the exercise to prevent the arching and it's definately helped. For most of the exercises whilst lying down we also keep lower back pressed to bench for same reason.
    Hope this helps. My son has been happy with the results, he definately has improved with the weights quite considerably, and most importantly he hasn't aggrevated his back injury so far.
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    Re:Arched back 2009/07/15 10:38:17 (permalink)
    Sitting isnt good for you for lengthy periods of time. Many people, including myself get back ache / twinges from sitting. Yet there often isnt really much of a problem, its just not an ideal position etc...

    It seems you've looked into it a bit. To help with the Anterior tilt, in a nut shell, you'll want to strengthen core, glutes and hamstrings and making sure you have adequate length of quads, adductors, hamstrings and hips.

    This article below pretty much covers everything to get you started. Make sure you dont get confused between the workout ideas for posterior / anterior tilt.


    If you sit a lot due to work, then just try and move every 30-60mins (get drink, toilet etc...). And just have to make sure your doing more glute and hamstring work.
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    Re:Arched back 2009/07/17 01:55:01 (permalink)
    thanks for the link mate, it definitely helped me understand what has happened to my muscles.

    i wasnt quite sure what some of the exercises in the link were. could i ask, how do i work the glutes and hamstrings without straining the lower back?

    plus, i dont suppose you know anything about sleeping postions in relation to this?

    thanks again
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