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LockedAre Tasers Legal in the UK

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RE: Are Tasers Legal in the UK 2006/08/23 11:02:23 (permalink)
ORIGINAL: danimal

can of deodorant would do the job if sprayed in there eyes, all she would need is 20 seconds to get a headstart or help

Anti-perspirent is actually better for the job, the type that powders.

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RE: Are Tasers Legal in the UK 2006/08/23 11:23:56 (permalink)
Dunno if this is mentioned but at my uni they give out these "rape alarm" things to the girls during freshers. I can say that those are effective detterents, the sound is excruciatingly loud and bound to attract attention I know this from having fooling around with my flatmates rape alarm (not knowing what it was), and then accidently pulling the toggle, lol.
Dr Z
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RE: Are Tasers Legal in the UK 2006/08/23 12:07:08 (permalink)


could also try and collect her in the car as often as physically possible and avoid the situation alltogether. avoidance is the best way if its possible.

im not sure a taser would be all that great, i think youve only got one shot and if you miss then youve had it.

i think self defence classes you can forget, i dont think women can easily defend themself agaisnt a hyper aggressive male, i know we would like to think they can, but realistically they cant, on average.

^^^^^^^^ At last someone with a bit of common sense

I am not comfortable with this thread at all

I am not a self defence expert like the majority on here - but I do know that a *moderatelty* effective weapon in the hands of somebody that is not 100% commited to using it forcefully , accurately and wholeheartedly is very likely to be making a situation much worse for themselves

Some great ideas on here - but I suggest a few of you visit the real world occasionally

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