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2008/05/12 13:58:31 (permalink)


If anyone has a good arm routine could they let me know please??

Arms seem to be seriously lagging at the min and need to do something to get them back up.
Am thinking about just going HIT on them again as it seemed to work well, but am wanting to try a few more options.


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    RE: Arms 2008/05/12 14:31:58 (permalink)
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    RE: Arms 2008/05/12 16:57:41 (permalink)
    Have an arms only day.

    - EZ curls heavy as you can even if it means using momentum
    - Prone DB curls strict
    - Hammers
    - Skull crushers or close grip bench
    - Over head rope extesion come out wide at the end
    - Narrow grip tri push downs
    - x2 normal sets and x1 triple drop set 1 arm at a time cable curls with the stirup handle
    - x2 normal sets and x1 triple drop set 1 arm at a time over head cable extensions elbow pointing at the roof with the stirup handle

    Then eat as much as you can, and force some weight gainers down as well and make sure you get enough sleep, maybe do a few lighter weeks on all other body parts.

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    RE: Arms 2008/05/12 17:29:31 (permalink)
    seated incline followed by 1 arm preacher finishing off on standing EZ bar curls

    sometimes i just do heavy stricted EZ curls and 1 arm preachers
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    RE: Arms 2008/05/12 17:38:10 (permalink)
    Hammer your triceps, they are 2/3rd's of your arms. use dropsets and supersets etc etc. I am the same really struggle to get my arms to grow, but my chest and shoulders grow just by looking at a weight lol

    Try: CG Bench (I use the smith machine) 4-5 sets with a dropset, skullbeaters are good, DB behinf the extensions (dunno what the proper name is) are also good. I like pull downs as well, I superset rope and bar pull downs

    And as JOM says, a seperate arms day wont do you any harm at all. Dont worry about overtraining them. I used to and they didnt grow. They did grow however when I tried 'overtraining' them (or what I would have thought was overtraining them)
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    RE: Arms 2008/05/13 08:16:49 (permalink)
    Thanks everyone. Will be doing some of these friday
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    RE: Arms 2008/05/13 08:57:22 (permalink)
    my arms aint big at 14 1/2 inches but for my frame they are defined

    i do
    bicep preachers 2x8 and 1x8 with 20k more
    hammer preachers-same as above
    standin bar curl

    tricep push downs
    tricep extension
    skull crushers
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    RE: Arms 2008/05/16 19:53:35 (permalink)
    im gonna try this starting tonight

    ORIGINAL: Chamber

    This might help dude...


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