Automatic Gearboxes - Mechanical ignorance

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2007/06/12 14:55:34 (permalink)

Automatic Gearboxes - Mechanical ignorance

I've just bought an Audi A6 with an auto box. It's the first automatic car I've had and I had and I have some questions.

a) Does the clutch work in the same way as a manual, only it's controlled by a computer?

b) How long does a clutch last? Is it dependant on the way you drive, like in a manual?

c) When the clutch starts to go, how can you tell? In a manual car, you can feel it slipping. Is it the same with an auto?

d) When waiting at lights with my foot on the brake pedal and the car in DRIVE, is the car slipping the clutch, on the biting point so to speak, or is it disengaged? Should I put the car in Neutral?


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    RE: Automatic Gearboxes - Mechanical ignorance 2007/06/12 15:33:45 (permalink)
    a) i think so
    b) dependant i belive, my dads on 60,000K on his CLK without problems
    c) i think you feel it struggling to switch into the next gear
    d) no, autos dont have biting points so to speak, some cars you dont even need the foot on the break pedal, just slam your foot to the floor when the lights go greeen

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    RE: Automatic Gearboxes - Mechanical ignorance 2007/06/12 15:48:05 (permalink)
    a/ No, it doesn't have a clutch. It has a torque converter, this is how it works.

    b/ The torque converter needs ATF (auto transmission fluid) to work.

    c/ When your low on ATF, the symptoms are similar to a badly worn clutch.

    d/ You can leave it in drive at the lights, it's not wearing anything out.

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    RE: Automatic Gearboxes - Mechanical ignorance 2007/06/12 15:51:41 (permalink)
    ^^^^^^ true!
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