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Back exercises from wheelchair help!

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2007/06/15 13:53:59 (permalink)

Back exercises from wheelchair help!

One of the biggest problems form em in terms of a routine is that because I'm paraplegic I find benches dodgy for balance so have to do most/all of my routine from my wheelchair whihc limits the exercises I ca do to some extent.

the onyl exercise that I do for my back at the moment are reverse fly's, lying with my chest/stomach on my knees, and lat pull downs. Also are traps part of your bac or considered sholders, as I do pull downs behind my neck too for my traps.

Anyways I'm after some other exercise for my back as I'm nto impressed with it at the moment...although I'm a relative beginner so not happy with the whole of my body and wanting to be bigger all round.

The other restriction is because of the level of my injury much of my lower back I can't function and likewise with my abs...wihc makes balance for a lot of exercises difficult so with things like biceps and triceps I tend to do one arm at a time whilst using the other arm for stabiliosing myself, to give you an idea of what I mean.

anyway heres a pic of my crappy bck muscles lol. Any help and advice greatly appreciated!


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    RE: Back exercises from wheelchair help! 2007/06/22 16:07:14 (permalink)
    Hi mate

    I'm paraplegic too so much of what you say strikes a chord with me too. From what you say I'm guessing I'm a bit lower than you at T11 as I can contract the abs (just). Even so, I struggle with balance too when sitting - shoulder dumbell presses for example are out of the question unless I do them unilaterally and hold on to something with the non-working arm.

    My back workout consists of (though not all of them in the same session):

    lat pulldowns,
    chins (my partner will hold my ankles to keep my legs off the floor),
    close grip pulldowns
    dumbell shrugs
    cable rows

    I perform these exercises perhaps slightly differently to the norm to accomodate the situation.

    Lat pulldown - sat on the bench - no back support - arch the back - pull the bar to the front (upper chest/neck)) not behind the head.

    Chins - as per lat pulldowns but the stack is set to its heavyest obviously

    Close grip pulldowns - I use the bench with back support and tie a strong belt around my waist and around the bench otherwise instead of pulling the handle and lifting the stack, it would simply lift me up! I guess I lift much more than I weigh. I use a triangular type attachment and concentrate on pulling with the back rather than the biceps (as should be the case with all back exercises)

    Dumbell shrugs - Sat on bench with back support. I tend to do these unilaterally (one arm at a time) as I find that both arms would make the weight and compression on the spine too much - I have scholiosis, not too bad to look at, but fcukin horrendous looking if you saw my xrays lol.

    Cable rows - There is no way we could do a standard cable row as we cannot stop ourselves from moving forwards when pulling. Therefore I use the high pulley instead of the low one and lie flat on my back. I strap a belt around my chest (not too tight lol) to stop me lifting up, then pull the cable downwards using a short straight bar.

    For me, staying in the chair to do any exercise would offer very little support in comparison to using a bench in the situp position (providing your bench is adjustable). I do most exercises in this position:

    Dumbell curls, forearm curls, hammer curls
    Tricep extentions
    Shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises

    Obviously there are many that I do laying flat such as bench pressing, french presses, skullcrushers, chest flyes.

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