Back routine- width Vs Thickness...splitting it up?

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2011/03/31 23:38:43 (permalink)

Back routine- width Vs Thickness...splitting it up?

My back seems to be lagging behind really badly so Im going to try splitting it up, train width on one day, thickness on another day.
Can anyone suggest the best way to split this? Best exercises to include on each day?
I was thinking
Width day-
4 sets of 10
close, neutral grip Chins
Wide grip lat pulldowns
Close grip pulldowns
Tbar row machine
Thickness day
Dumbell rows
seated cable rows
Any good?

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    Re:Back routine- width Vs Thickness...splitting it up? 2011/04/01 09:21:39 (permalink)
    Everybody can do more do with more pulling work!

    It depends on your whole routine though I guess.

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    Re:Back routine- width Vs Thickness...splitting it up? 2011/04/01 10:04:55 (permalink)
    I split used to split width and thickness before i switched to dc for a while. This gave me very good results. I used to do wg pull ups, wg lat pulldowns, cg underhand pullups and straight arm cable pullovers at the end. I did this usually before or after legs because there is very little overlap. Then i did back thickness with tris, deadlift or rack pull, bent over row, t bar row and then cable rows. I wouldn't bother training traps with shrugs man, rack pulls and deadlifts will give you some pretty sick traps anyway. and wg pull ups are mandatory for any width workout, it's the best width exercise.
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    Re:Back routine- width Vs Thickness...splitting it up? 2011/04/01 11:17:07 (permalink)
    i'd rather have heavy-light split days for back. do width an thickness on both days, 50/50.
    on heavy i'd go with heavy rack pulls, some bent over rows (could also be chest supported tbar) in rest pause fashion and 2 lat dominant exercises (chins and pulldowns for example).
    and some machine/ isolation work on a light session (straight arm pulldowns, pullover machine, double cable pulldown, machine rows etc), in a 12-25 rep range
    when training back, it's very important to encorporate as much mind-muscle connection as u can. meaning 1-2 seconds static contractions, very controlled negatives, 1 sec in stretch position, etc. that way the back muscles will be maximally recruited, opposed to just moving a weight from A to B
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