Back to the squat

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2004/03/07 05:23:24 (permalink)

Back to the squat

I started out the beginner bodybuilding program that you have posted on the board. After my leg day I couldn't believe how sore my legs were. I worked out on Wednesday and my legs are still hurting on Saturday, is this normal? I was only squatting 115 lbs 4 sets. I could barely walk up and down the stairs at work. LOL.


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    RE: Back to the squat 2004/03/07 05:28:53 (permalink)
    i've had my legs hurt for about 3-4 days before. when i was squatting 115lbs for sets, i remember one time that i couldn't hardly walk up the steps. it took a few days before the pain went away.
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    RE: Back to the squat 2004/03/07 09:48:56 (permalink)
    hi ezd welcome to mt ,yes this is normal after squats,feels good though dont it, ive seen myself having to come down stairs on my ass a few times after a good squat workout.keep with it
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    RE: Back to the squat 2004/03/08 04:51:01 (permalink)
    its always important to cool down (treadmill, bike, etc.) and stretch after a workout, just like before. This will help to alleviate some of the pain you feel the days after. Also, a supplement like glutamine will help the muscles recouperate more quickly. some athletes use ice-baths (water btwn 53-60 degrees F) where you sit in this cold water (keeping your heart above water, usually up to waist) Tough to do at home without a training room type tub/whirlpool but can be done with cold water and lots of ice in a reg tub.[:I]
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    RE: Back to the squat 2004/03/08 13:20:33 (permalink)
    DOMS in legs typically last longer than any other muscle group in my
    experience....2-4 days. This is why I like to leave 2 full days between leg and back training days.
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