Hot!Being Celibate.

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On The Flop
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Re: Being Celibate. 2018/03/22 15:37:01 (permalink)
I've been celibate since the birth of my youngest, he's 7 next month. Thank god for the internet.

“It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”
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Re: Being Celibate. 2018/03/22 16:42:58 (permalink)
Nah, you might get blue balls https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_balls
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Re: Being Celibate. 2018/03/23 00:36:02 (permalink)
Nothing wrong with jerking off. It does help with prostate health. Let your wife be your porn star. Then you have no guilt.
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Re: Being Celibate. 2018/03/23 12:20:10 (permalink)
Boss Redd
I am thinking about trying to be Celibate for a month. The sex with my girlfriend part shouldn't be too hard as she's not long ago had a baby, but the masterbation while watching porn will be the challenge. I'd go as far to say I have porn addiction in that I will watch it every time I fap (I don't ever watch it when not fapping tho) and I do this maybe 4/5 nights a week. I might try it for a month and see how I feel.

Does anyone else go ling periods of time without sex or fapping? What's it like. Do your desires for sex/fapping grow weaker? Tell me your stories.

Fap/fapping = Masterbation.

I thought you would be morally outraged at the idea of fapping and watching porn as your basically using them as a commodity for your own desires and no doubt the actors/actresses will have had some form of suffering in the process and all because you just want a pull! Then you open up markets for more severe kinds of porn and support the industry , if it wasn't for people like you then these actors wouldn't have had to endure the suffering they have done , the whole porn industry is built on taking advantage of people , slavery and oppression. 
I haven't watched any porn for around 6 months , the girlfriend is happy for action everyday so ive had no real need , I do miss the odd tug but I really fell out with porn and wading through hours of videos to find something slightly arousing , I think I was well and truly saturated and it will take a lot longer than 6 months to get back to being normal.
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