Bench Press technique

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2007/06/06 17:49:38 (permalink)

Bench Press technique

Hi Everyone,

My lower back never seems to be flat to the bench when performing benchpress with my feet on the ground. I've seen some people pressing with their feet up on the bench which takes the arch out of my lower back.
Just wondered if this would be more beneficial?
Also i have weak shoulder joints so have been told not to lower the bar fully down to chest level when pressing (maybe 4 inches away instead) to limit shoulder involvement. Is this still effective? Ive heard of people using wooden boards to limit movement and so lift heavier weights.


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    RE: Bench Press technique 2007/06/06 18:02:10 (permalink)
    Think the lads/ladies on here will need a wee bit more info on this one Zippa, for example is the shoulder prob a severe medical problem/ If not what excersise do you do for the shoulders? can you do some work to strengthen the shoulders? Is your goals here strength or size?
    Only thing i would say is if the shoulders is a medical prob then yes the only thing you can do is keep the bar away from the chest a little, and do it only when you have someone spot for you.
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    RE: Bench Press technique 2007/06/06 19:05:01 (permalink)
    The Shoulder joint is very tricky and complex joint. If you have a bad shoulder I reccomend having it looked by a doctor or athletic trainer.

    If you are saying the shoulder joint is weak and needs strengthening I personally do not understand how practicing limited ranges of movement will help your situation.

    Without knowing anything about you and your situation my gut instinct is to say work very light weight and practice full range motion and build from there. Always strive to do exercises correctly and don't cheat form to try to do more weight. If bad form is due to flexibility issues take time to develop flexibility so you can lift correctly. You have your entire life to devote to this. Well you do if you practice correctly. If you don't you may not be able to.

    Start with the bar to your chest below your nipple line. Press the bar upward straight for about 6-8 inches then allow the bar to rise upward in towards the shoulders in a natural arc.

    But then again I am just some old guy on the internet and I don't know anything about you.

    If the shoulder has a medical problem go see a sports doctor. Shoulder damage is a lifetime thing.
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    RE: Bench Press technique 2007/06/06 19:52:18 (permalink)
    fair points from sanchin and good advice, regarding any exercise you should always allow the body to have the natural arch in the back or you are putting it in a position it is not at its strongest...
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    RE: Bench Press technique 2007/06/06 21:07:35 (permalink)
    Basically the ball of my shoulder joint rubs on the acromion (bone above the ball & socket) which hurts when lifting. I've seen my GP about it a couple of times and he simply said to avoid heavy lifting and use lighter weights.
    Im trying to continue training other body parts as normal & gradually build up the strength of my shoulders although its not easy since it's such an important joint. Just wanted to try to continue my normal chest workout but limit the strain on my shoulders at the bottom of the movement.
    I reckon seeing a specialist would be the best option & get an expert opinion. Thanks for the responses.
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