Best leg routine for size you've ever done?

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2007/06/17 12:17:08 (permalink)

Best leg routine for size you've ever done?

Whats the best leg routine you've ever done for size?

I do squats, leg presses etc. and whilst my squat is around 200k and i do sets with 160, they're still small compared to my upper body (i think). It's probably due to holding all my bodyfat on my upper body, and non on my legs, but anyway, I'd still like to make my legs enourmous!

What's the best routine, sets, exercises, reps, rest etc. you've ever done for creating maximum leg size?

Don't just say squats - thats obvious...i do squats...lots of them...but i want interesting routines too that aren't just telling me what i do and know.

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    RE: Best leg routine for size you've ever done? 2007/06/17 18:39:04 (permalink)
    i do 2xleg press, 2x smith squats, 2x lunges 2x leg extensions, 2xstiff deads, 2x leg curls, 3xcalve raises. its working well for me. i alternate between starting with legg press and squats each week. rep range 4-6 but upping that to 6-8 in a few weeks.
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    RE: Best leg routine for size you've ever done? 2007/06/17 20:06:53 (permalink)
    i have done a bulgarian squat routine - low reps strength

    and a russian squat routine - high reps size and thickness

    bulgarian build to 2 max singles drop 10 k do 3 singles (heavy week)
    build to 2 max singles drop 20k do 3 singles (light week)

    i did one heavy week then two light weeks

    i squated between 3 and 12 times a week front in AM backs PM

    Russian been posted on here many times try to find a link

    3 times a week mon-wed-fri or 2 times cycle just takes longer mon-thurs

    day 1 80% 6x2 day 2 80% 6x3 day 3 80% 6x2

    build up to 6x6 doing 6x2 in between days then

    80% 6x2 85% 5x5 (80% 6x2) 90% 4x4 (80% 6x2) 3x3 95%
    (80% 6x2) 100% 2x2 you are ready for this by then
    80% 6x2 105% 2x1 then start again after a short rest if neccesary

    i went round this for about 9 months squat went from 160x1 to 205x1 with no major increase in bodyweight. my other exercises suffered for a while but my legs getting out of cleans was amazing

    bodyweight 70k lifts in comp snatch 132.5k cl+jk 160k
    78k lifts in training sn 145k cl+Jk 170
    front squat ATG 185k x1
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    RE: Best leg routine for size you've ever done? 2007/06/17 21:42:56 (permalink)
    just changed as im now cuttin and cant deal with it any more, but the best for SIZE for me was;
    squats 3x16
    leg press 1x20
    sldl 3x10
    calfs(seperate day) smith calf raises 3x25 supersetted by bw calf raises 3x50

    dont try and drive home
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    RE: Best leg routine for size you've ever done? 2007/06/19 15:12:04 (permalink)
    My legs get big quick with this routine....

    Single Leg Press
    Leg Ext
    Leg Curls
    Calf raises

    4 sets of Squats, the rest 3 sets each
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