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Best/preferred lat-pull down

Best/preferred lat-pull down

Long bar, hands at ends   50% (3)
Two handles, hands near each other   0% (0)
Short bar, chin-up style   0% (0)
Short bar, palms down   0% (0)
Other   50% (3)

Total Votes: 6

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2005/07/25 19:21:20 (permalink)

Best/preferred lat-pull down

There are that many attatchments that you can use for the lat pull down, I just got wondering... what do you guys think is the best, or do you just prefer, y'know- like feels the most satisfying/comfortable? *Waits for people to hound him as it is not a free-weight exercise*

There's the bar, with hands at ends, two handles where your hands meet near the middle, a short bar to hold chin-up style and holding the bar with hands nearer, but palms down, which can be done on either bar (though I don't see that done so often).

I'm not sure if there are any more, so I've left an 'other' option, too.

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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/25 19:25:40 (permalink)
    Long bar, shoulder (or slightly wider) width grip....until you can do proper pull ups.

    Narrow grip for more emphasis on biceps. Again, only until you can do narrow grip chins.

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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/25 19:30:57 (permalink)
    I wonder what a rope would be like?
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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/25 20:28:35 (permalink)
    I like the 'V' handle - the one with your hands close and facing eachother.
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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/25 20:39:10 (permalink)

    ORIGINAL: Slyblackdragon

    I wonder what a rope would be like?

    The rope helps to work all three heads of the triceps if you twist your wrists out to the sides at the lower end of the movement. You can buy a rope about 2 inches across for about £20, which is very stiff, and has a lifetime guarantee from TKO.

    Or you can find an old bit of normal thin rope that has been lying around in the garage for years, tie a knot in each end, and pull your arms down to your sides at the end of the movement. (I don't know what this does, but there was a guy doing it that way in the gym last week!)


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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/25 22:43:13 (permalink)
    I just do chins... I hate lat pulldowns, don't work for me.
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    RE: Best/prefered lat-pull down 2005/07/26 00:57:39 (permalink)
    Variety is the spice of life. Don't just stick to one type of grip, mix it up a little. Having said that, pull-ups using a narrow, parallel grip gave me tendonitis in both biceps. So any grip but that.
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