Bicep exercise confusion!

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2007/06/13 12:39:48 (permalink)

Bicep exercise confusion!

Hi there, this is probably a very silly question. Ive started weight training properly at my gym a couple of months ago, and Im doing a three day split – back and biceps, chest/shoulders/triceps and finally legs (as advised by the lovely Kitty).

Im a bit confused with bicep exercises – Im doing Bicep Curls & Hammer Curls using a dumbbell in each hand, currently lifting 5-6kg (but approaching 7kg, yay). My confusion is do I do alternate arms for these exercises (lift one hand then the other) or can I lift both weights consecutively. I checked some exercise resource websites and different sites suggest different methods, but I am curious as to which is most effective for the biceps?

My gym is not a bodybuilding gym and although it has free weights I just get blank looks from the instructors when I ask!

Thanks muchly

Hab x

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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/13 13:16:57 (permalink)
    There is no set rule, i say just go with what feels the most comfortable to you.

    Personally i always alternate when doing dumbell curls.
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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/13 13:33:29 (permalink)
    I always alternate too, as NN says, there is no set rule just go with what is most comfortable for you.
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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/13 16:00:31 (permalink)
    As others have mentioned it can be either, but as you lift heavier weights alternating arms acts as a stabilizer against being off balance
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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/13 19:06:19 (permalink)

    yeah, doesnt matter, whatever feels comfortable, - I alternate also, and when i use an ez bar they'll obviousy go together to give a further mix if you like

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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/15 02:59:31 (permalink)
    I always alternate aswell mate and try and keep total control of the weight for the whole movement.
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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/15 10:27:43 (permalink)
    yes I alternate, ie do 1 arm for a set then the other. Though for me I prefer olympic bar curls.

    As long as you are working the muscle with good form it doesnt matter what you do really


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    RE: Bicep exercise confusion! 2007/06/15 15:58:10 (permalink)
    I do the same as cliff_vtr mate. Alternate each arm but complete my 3 sets, say with my right arm first and then 3 sets with my left.
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