Breakfast smoothies

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2014/11/16 08:12:49 (permalink)

Breakfast smoothies

This is for my 15 year old daughter she is a sprinter and sprint trains 3 times a week and also goes to the gym twice a week amongst other things. Problem is doesn't lke eating first thing which leads to snacking later on in the morning, so we have bought a smoothie maker thing.
Can anybody recommend some recipes for a balanced nutritional breakfast smoothies I know there are recipes on the Internet but I dont really understand the nutritional side of things and thought I might be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge on here.btw dairy products gives her migraines.

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    Re: Breakfast smoothies 2014/11/16 10:08:13 (permalink)
    There is a recipe for James' Super Smoothie in the articles section. They're aimed at cutting or bulking but there are some things you could take away from it.
    I suppose a source of protein (i.e. protein powder), some fruit, complex carbs (i.e. ground oats) and a little fat would make as nutritious a breakfast as anything else you can eat. I guess above is just porridge and a protein shake mixed together really - seems a fine breakfast to me.
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    Re: Breakfast smoothies 2014/11/16 11:14:33 (permalink)
    I presume we are classing protein powder as a diary product that gives her headaches? 
    If not a really quick and easy way (not cheap) of making a really great tasting smoothie is to buy any of the innocent range. I just checked and they are now doing some "super smoothies" which contain a little more ingredients than there standard. Take a few scoops of whey, add in some extra good fats and smoothie them all up together.
    If you want to DIY then i'd probably just follow the ingredients they use on there list 
    When you say snacking later on in the morning, isnt she at school? or do you mean like at mid morning break?
    If whey is a problem then you could include some BCAA's to boost the profile a little and im sure the smoothie would mask their taste. 
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    Re: 2014/11/16 18:29:21 (permalink)
    Yes mid morning snack then because she's been hungry all morning snacking when she gets chance .I will have a look at james smoothies
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    Re: 2014/11/16 18:43:18 (permalink)

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    Re: 2014/11/16 19:17:30 (permalink)
    whey protein, handful of frozen mixed berries, oats. Water as desired. Tastes great
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    Re: 2014/11/18 09:26:57 (permalink)
    Hi fit for 50.
    There is a growing list of smoothie recipes over on http://nuutrii.com, each are rated against particular athletic goals.  Just go into the recipes, set the meal type to 'Smoothies & Shakes' and browse around.
    Some suggestions;
    http://nuutrii.com/recipe/65/green-recharge-smoothie - Green recharge smoothie, quite light so maybe easier to consume if she's having difficulties, great post run recharge.
    http://nuutrii.com/recipe/42/pineapple-lemon-and-ginger-protein-smoothie - Ginger, pinneapple and lemon go great together.
    http://nuutrii.com/recipe/49/super-charged-carrot-cake-protein-smoothie - Not tried this one yet, but quite light if she struggles with early food.
    Once she starts eating early I'm sure her body will adapt, and then she can try having some porridge with the smoothie, or adding oats to increase the calories.

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    fit for 50
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    Re: 2014/11/18 10:26:04 (permalink)
    I forgot about nuutrii.com cheers just what i was looking for. Great website btw some good information on it
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