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British Powerlifting - Natty Feds

Mr Giggles
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2019/04/13 13:40:44 (permalink)

British Powerlifting - Natty Feds

I was hoping I could get some input on this. So I regularly hear from people that at the local levels, these meets are not drug tested. So say you compete in the South East Open for instance, unless you put up some pro total, you are just not tested.

So I came back from a local mock meet. No weight classes and no testing. Now, while people had some good numbers, it's clear that a couple of them were just blowing everyone else away. You look at the shear lean mass they were carrying in relation to their frame you also get an idea.

I have talked to a few guys and quite a few of them said that they take **** just because they just wanna win these meets. They don't want to go higher up the ranks. But they enjoy doing these meets anyways.

My question is: do people get tested at these more local/regional meets or am I wasting my time trying to believe that you can do well in these totally natty. Or am I always going to come up against one or two who outsmart the rest of us.

I'm not gonna lie, I have thought for a long time about hopping on. Doing local/regional open meets and see how it goes.

But there seems to be quite a few people doing these and taking the gear.

What do you guys think?

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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/13 17:09:46 (permalink)
    Interesting question, I don't know the answer but look forward to hearing the replies.
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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/13 17:16:18 (permalink)
    Mr Giggles
    Or am I always going to come up against one or two who outsmart the rest of us.

    The answer is yes.

    From the olympics, world championships, nationals, all the way down to the local gym charity push and pull and even Sunday morning park runs... if someone can find a way to cheat the system, they will. And they do.
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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/13 17:17:29 (permalink)
    Yes they do get tested, i'm not sure which natty federation but a friend of mine competes in fact she's UK and European champ and she got tested at one of her meets the other day.

    Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/14 18:45:44 (permalink)
    ABPU is tested, I compete in BPU non tested.
    Few mates in ABPU who have been tested, so it does happen but it's not fool proof.
    I know people competing in natty feds for power lifting, bodybuilding and natural strongman who all use and haven't been caught.


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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/14 20:07:07 (permalink)
    Not competed for a long time.
    But got tested twice. 
    Of the events I was tested in, 1 was when I won a national comp
    The other was my 2nd meeting at a regional event that I did not win.
    It really was quite random.  
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    Re: British Powerlifting - Natty Feds 2019/04/15 09:31:06 (permalink)
    Lots of tested feds. ABPU has been mentioned, but also BDFPA, IAWA and obviously IPF.
    Testing is random selection (and people get busted regularly, although not seen anybody popped in IAWA).  The percentage of tests is based on the level of comp (so 10% for regionals and higher as you go up).
    Some feds (such as BDFPA) will not even allow you to join if your also a member of a non-tested fed.
    There are also feds which allow voluntary testing (such as WSA) so you can be a member whilst being a member of BDFPA, although I've never seen anybody get tested in WSA.
    But as animal said, there are much less users in tested events, but that's not to say that people will try.

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