Bulking diet advice/help

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2009/07/19 16:14:54 (permalink)

Bulking diet advice/help

big problem here, im 6ft and only weigh 9.5stone and i am wanting to bulk up fast with no use of steroids what so ever, i find it really hard to put on weight.
i have just started this routine, the protein shake is met-rx size up extreme
thinking of taking anabol 5 also opinions please?

non workout days                                                        workout days
7.30                                                                              7.30
bowl of cereal                                                               bowl of cereal
2 slices of toast                                                            2 slices of toast
protein shake                                                               protein shake
9.30                                                                              9.30
3 chocolate bars                                                           3 chocolate bars
2 packets of crisps                                                        2 packets of crisps
11.30                                                                          11.30
3 cheese & pickle sandwiches or egg and cress         Tuna and cucumber or sweetcorn sandwiches or chicken sandwiches
1 apple                                                                       1 apple
1 cheese dipper                                                         1 cheese dipper
1 blueberry muffin                                                      1 blueberry muffin
4.00                                                                            4.00
protein shake                                                             protein shake
banana                                                                       banana
veg soup                                                                    veg soup
8.00                                                                           8.00
2 jacket potatos with beans or tuna and salad         3 slices of Beans on toast
handfull of nuts                                                          handfull of nuts
10.00                                                                       10.00
small bowl of pasta                                                  3 raw eggs with milk and horlicks
my workouts will be:

mon- arms and back
wed- chest sholders
fri- legs and abs
sun- quick hard sprints and combi weights like squats ect.
what are your opinions and advice?
will this work?

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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 16:24:03 (permalink)
    wanna put some fat on eat a kebab just before you go bed
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 16:53:20 (permalink)
    The quickest that you can bulk up by adding muscle is about a stone a year if you are lucky. If you are eating more food than you need for this it will go on as fat.
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 17:42:53 (permalink)
    i obv want a bit more fat but mostly muscle will this give me that?
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 18:09:25 (permalink)
    How about you work out how many calories, protein and fat there is in your proposed diet- its not hard to do that these days with the resources available on the internet.

    Then work out how many you need for your body size, age and activity level. Again, the internet has plenty of places you can work out your BMR.

    Compare the two, and tweak your plan accordingly.

    Bear in mind what hamiltonfitness says- if you rush, it will go on as lard, which is not a particularly good look. Take your time and do it properly.
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 20:10:40 (permalink)
    could you post some links so i can check mine
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/19 21:45:54 (permalink)
    I have found  fitday to be a good site that helps you track calorie intake, and other macro nutrients. You'll have to manually input some foods, but you'll get the basics just fine. I am sure there are others, but I can only comment on that one, as it's the one I personally use
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    Re:Bulking diet advice/help 2009/07/20 12:42:48 (permalink)
    I had the same problem i was 6ft 2 and was 10st about 2 years ago when i started training... now im weighing in at 12.5st, i stopped doin cardio mainly n just blasted heavy sets in the gym.
    Your diet looks good but make sure you get loads sleep and drink loads of water because you will see a difference in a couple of months. I also tried protein shake and had pasta before i went to bed, worked a treat (jus meant more trips to loo)
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