Bulldog Broadband

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2005/07/24 15:27:37 (permalink)

Bulldog Broadband

Has anyone recently signed up or is on Bulldogbroadband especially their 8 meg service

can u rate or slate them. ?????

i got connected and then i was disconnected of my asdl line within the past 2 days - im going to see how it goes over the next week.

You can never get through to customer services to speak to anyone and apparently a tonne of people say that they are never called back within the 48 hours that they are told they would be.

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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 15:34:28 (permalink)
    Dont know anything about them except trhat they somehow got my details and sent me some stuff through the post about their 8 meg broadband? What do you use your broadband with? How much do you pay? Just asking because I had 1 meg and then upgraded to 2 and I cant tell a difference in speed when surfing the web. Even downloading from websites it only ever goes around 100kbs. So really the only good thing for having such a fast connection is if our downloading multiple files at once.
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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 15:53:17 (permalink)
    Ive got their 8 meg service now but never get any faster than 4 or 5 (cant complain) because im too far away from the local telephone exchange. Getting set up with bulldog was a nightmare, it took about 2 months in total, in which time they managed to completely disconnect my line for a week, change my number for another week and i was phoning them every day. This was back in the day before they were brought by cable and wireless so im lucky that ive got to keep my good ol bt phone line. On the plus side, the service is usually always up, its v.fast, i get free phone calls all day every day, everything is in one bill, they give you free caller ID, voicemail and other handy little tools. I would say its worth it, they are known for their crap customer service, but hopefully its sorted now.

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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 15:56:53 (permalink)
    Got bulldog 4 meg before this whole 8meg thing. Getting setup was a nightmare - they say 6 weeks but it took about 3 months, though i suspect it was BT who was holding up the connection. Getting through to customer services is a nightmare and they never call back when they say they will. Best thing to do is to insist to speak to a manager and if you are persistent then the manager sorts everything out there and then. Their customer sertvices is nothing like that of BT. However, now that I have it is great. Definitely always have a 4meg conenction, constantly on. As said everything is on one bill.
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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 18:49:51 (permalink)
    I've just finished with them due to moving house and it was OK whilst I needed it but I cant get rid of it now! Can never get through on the phone, they dont reply to emails (only automatic replys) and have started charging me more when Im not even in the house!

    I would not recommend them!
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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 18:52:18 (permalink)
    i was gonna go with them but read the comments on ispreview.co.uk about them and decided against it. customer service is slated quite badly.
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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 18:53:09 (permalink)
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    RE: Bulldog Broadband 2005/07/24 21:47:02 (permalink)
    There's a lot of good and bad said about them, they're so much cheaper and faster than anyone else though so I'm going to give them a try, luckily I'm only a few hundred metres from the exchange as well so should be able to get the most out of it, I need 8MB!
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