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Buy a car in the UK or Europe?

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2014/10/06 13:54:11 (permalink)

Buy a car in the UK or Europe?

I'm moving to the continent next year, and wanted to buy a car. Just something cheap and second hand, a reliable diesel with cheap parts for when it breaks, so something like a Ford/Toyota/Honda etc.
Should I buy the car in the UK before I move, or wait until I get to the continent?

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    Re: Buy a car in the UK or Europe? 2014/10/06 14:17:57 (permalink)
    It depends if you will stay there for a while and mainly use the car there. I would buy a left hand drive car if I was going to stay there for a while. Also if you buy there and something goes wrong with it they will look at the problem far more favorably if you bought it from them.
    Where on the continent are you heading? 
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    Re: Buy a car in the UK or Europe? 2014/10/06 14:30:04 (permalink)
    If you are going to be across on the continent for more than 6 months go for a car over there. Particularly the insurance. Don't try getting insurance in the UK for the continent get it on the continent as it will be cheeper and if you need to make a claim it will be over there. If you can leave insurance running in the uk do so but if not remember you only get 2 years to re-use your no claims discount before it expires. You might be able to use your current no claims over there and when you return you may be able to use foreign bonus here but its not definate. If you take a UK car over there it will be really obvious to everyone on the road you are from UK so they will probably be far more aggressive towards you on the roads too. Any claim will almost certainly go against you not them!
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    Re: Buy a car in the UK or Europe? 2014/10/06 14:39:19 (permalink)
    Where in the continent are you moving to?
    Austria has a car tax that you need to pay on all cars, if you bring in a foreign one and the police realise you are living there they will fine you big style and make you pay the tax.
    Norway is expensive for cars and as far as I remember you used to have to own a car for more than 2 years prior to being allowed to import one.
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    Re: Buy a car in the UK or Europe? 2014/10/06 15:55:34 (permalink)
    Personally I'd want to buy over there....wherever "there" is, as long as you're there for a decent amount of time....say 6 months +

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    Re: Buy a car in the UK or Europe? 2014/10/06 17:50:05 (permalink)
    Looked into this myself recently for when i move back to the alps. In short its a bit of a pain in the arse to take a UK car simply because they drive on the wrong side of the road and whilst over taking, getting tickets etc is a bit of a chore it grinds on you after a while so purely from that standpoint i would go with a LHD.
    Insurance ime is far better on the continent and in most cases you can insure the car then anyone is covered to drive it, can make premiums punchy but least anyone with a valid card can drive it. Generally they are not as anal about no claims and stuff. 
    I did another thread on them. If you can buy a LHD UK car then its a good deal especially if its a banger. Remember just because it passes uk mot etc it may fail EU one. 

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