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2006/07/18 22:56:07 (permalink)


Hi Guys,

My cutting diets never seem to work, i often loose the weight but a hell of a lot of muscle too. Can Anyone help me with a solid cutting diet.

I'm 26 years old, 5'11 inchs, 82kg and presently about 18% body fat.

I train split routine Monday, Wed, Fri and Sunday. I swim Tue, Thursday nites with a club. Can fit more cardio in if required.

Proteins I like: All fish, meats, shakes, Milk, pumpkin seeds

Don't eat eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter.

have got clen to use.

Tried to give as much info as possible, Anyone help with a cutting diet for around 6 weeks?

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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/18 23:09:55 (permalink)
    Well I'm not going to construct a diet for you..... not my forte (what is? I hear you cry) but I will offer some guidance/tips that I find useful.

    I have lost a stone in the last 2 months, and I have barely changed my general diet at all.

    I generally get down to a 'maintenance' food intake, or a clean bulking amount. From here my first step is to increase my cardio, usually 2-3 times a week, now 5 days a week, 3x slow/steady and 2xHIIT. I also add a little in PWO (15mins max). I'll give that a couple of weeks and then, if needed, trim the diet slightly. So far I have only trimmed the calories, very slightly, on my non training days and marginally dropped my overall carb intake, and I mean marginally.

    I don't like making dramatic dietry changes as I find it hard to adjust and work out where the changes need to be made when things don't work.
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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/18 23:11:04 (permalink)
    Well ive taken a new train of thought with regards to dieting down while retaining/gaining lean mass.

    Basic structure:

    6 meals per day.

    Essential fats with every meal.

    Lean protein with every meal.

    Green veggies with every meal.

    Fish oils with every meal.

    BCAA's in between meals and during any workout cardio session. Scivation's Xtend i have found amazing stuff.

    Something like this:

    Breakfast: Upon waking BCAAs

    4 egg whites 1 whole egg
    Half a chicken breast
    Spinach and mushrooms
    25g almonds

    Meal 2
    2 scoops whey,
    2 tbsp peanut butter,
    broccoli asparagus and green beans with some glutamine


    150g chicken/ sirloin fillet/ turkey etc
    steamed veg
    1 tbsp flax oil

    Meal 4

    150g chicken/ lean protein
    2 tbsp peanut butter / around 18 almonds

    Meal 5

    Same as meal 2

    Meal 6

    large chicken breast/other lean meat
    Broccoli or other veggies
    half an avocado
    grapefruit medium

    During workout bcaas. Post workout 1.5 scoops whey

    Every 3rd day have a carb up using this method:

    Start with green veggies

    60g oats
    tbsp honey
    handfull almonds

    Sweet potato
    2tbsp peanut /almond butter

    Cheat as often as required for sanity.

    Reduce amounts of everything but reduce everything equally i.e keep macros the same. Just reduce size of carb up meal and other meals proportionately.

    I know this is quite a controversial way of cutting but its shown to be effective as a precontest diet.

    Have a look at Derek Charlebois contest prep section over at bbing.com these ideas are taken from cut diet.
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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/18 23:22:07 (permalink)
    Are you consistant with your diet?

    The reason I ask is that I struggled for years trying to cut - trouble was I would stick with the diet for maybe 4-5 days, then go out at the weekend drinking and eating junk. It's ok to have a 'cheat' meal but more than that and you will struggle to lose weight. More recently I have lost 18lbs by being consistant and keeping away from the drink and pizza - have the occasional meal out but limit the damage by choosing sensibly.
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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/18 23:39:38 (permalink)
    Great advice mate!
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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/18 23:57:25 (permalink)

    ORIGINAL: gingernut

    Are you consistant with your diet?

    Spot on... I have tried to do it "a bit "quite a few times and had little joy.
    This time however I had an end date"hols" I have come down from 15stone 2lbs to about 13stone10lbs. What I have learnt is that for me cardio is key and sticking with the diet. It takes longer to kick in than I had ever thought... but once you start to see results you will have more will power.... It took a month for me to see real improvment.
    Stick with it !

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    RE: CUTTING DIET - NEVER WORKS 2006/07/19 07:28:29 (permalink)
    I'm 26 years old, 5'11 inchs, 82kg and presently about 18% body fat.

    you may simply not thave the lean mass you thought when you strip down?

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