Cable Crossover Machine Only

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2015/03/06 20:47:26 (permalink)

Cable Crossover Machine Only

You've lost a bet. Your forfeit is that for the rest of your life the only weightlifting equipment you can use is a cheap plate loaded cable crossover machine.
What would your routine be?

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    Re: Cable Crossover Machine Only 2015/03/06 21:14:58 (permalink)
    Bi's n Tri's you're spoilt for choice.. Lats use the crossbar above for chins, seated cable rows n some sort of bent over rows, Traps shrug's n face pulls.. chest then bench flys on various incline n declines, cable cross overs...Delts front, side n rear raises, up right rows n single handed overhead press..quads??? ...Hams low cable stiff legged deadlifts while standing on a bench or block, maybe some sorta standing leg curl.
    Prolly loads more when I got bored lol

    Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
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    Re: Cable Crossover Machine Only 2015/03/07 07:17:59 (permalink)
    Get a tall platform. Stand on it and squat the thing. Either that or just take up sprinting.
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