Calories burned in relation to HR?

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2005/07/25 05:07:32 (permalink)

Calories burned in relation to HR?

Hi everyone, I've been a long time reader and rarely post as I am still learning as much as possible at the moment, but I have a quick question just regarding calories being burnt

What would be the approximate proportion of Calories burnt at different levels of HR%

eg, is there a calculator or a "generic graph" which shows that if your HR was elevated to 75% of MHR, how many calories would be burnt in 20 minutes etc. that sort of thing

I know this would differ from person to person; and fitness levels across the board, but for the average joe public or even a "weekend warrior" fitness enthusiast, what data would be good to look at. Unfortunately I am in Australia, and there are no "origin tests" available here *sigh*

P.S. would the "type" of exercise be a "multiplier" of calories burnt; eg. i guess it would be possible to elevate HR% to 60% while going on a brisk jog, but would cycling with a HR @ 60% burn the same amount of calories etc?

Thanks heaps for everyone's advice in advance! I have learnt heaps from this website and it's great that everyone is striving for a very similar goal (to be as healthy and fit as possible... while also shaping our physique into our optimal perspective)

P.P.S. also if this helps... I am 19, 173cm (5'9"), and weigh 67kg (around 150lb); also maybe sitting around 14% bf

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    RE: Calories burned in relation to HR? 2005/07/25 08:53:05 (permalink)
    hi mate

    ww.caloriesperhour.com may help although the origin test will be the only way to calculate the exact answer (linked at the top of the forum)

    as you cant do this i would suggest going on perceived effort in relation to the data on caloriesperhour.com

    calories burned is related to heart rate for the individual, but the amount birned will depend on their stats rather than MR X Y and Z will all burn X amount of cals at X heart rate
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    RE: Calories burned in relation to HR? 2005/07/25 08:56:28 (permalink)

    There's not really an exact correlation between HR% and calories burn because - like you say - this will vary from person to person depending on their weight, fitness, etc.

    Generally, the lower the heart rate %, the few calories you'll burn and vice versa. 50-60% of MHR is in the 'Fat-burning zone' so at your weight for 30 minutes, a very rough guess would be that you'd burn around 300 kcals. This link may be useful http://www.fitsense.co.uk/fit_article.php?id=9

    Some heart rate monitors have built in calorie-counters which can be very useful and this will give you a rough indication of how many calories you're burning during your workout.

    Hope that helps

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    RE: Calories burned in relation to HR? 2005/07/25 15:52:42 (permalink)
    I'm sure you can do a test similar to the origin test in Australia, after all, australia has many elite athletes competing very succesfully at an international level!

    Try emailing sports science departments of Universities, ask if they do VO2max/lactate threshold tests, if they do, you can ask if they can also provide ratios of macronutrients burned at different heart-rates, as discussed in the origin thread all it takes is some simple extra maths - you might have to pay extra though.
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    RE: Calories burned in relation to HR? 2005/07/26 16:16:02 (permalink)

    thanks heaps everyone for your help :-D

    I gotta get a new battery for my polar heart rate monitor :$

    but once again, thanks heaps for your efficient responses and my sincerest apologies about the Ashes.... hooo harrr Glen McGrath; hoo harrr Glen McGrath :p
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