Can my Calorie Conundrum Cause Catastrophy?

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2019/01/09 20:20:23 (permalink)

Can my Calorie Conundrum Cause Catastrophy?

The average calories calculated on My Fitness Pal calculated for me to loose 0.5lbs a week seems a lot. I am 50.
According to them my 6.0 220lb frame, requires 2410 kcal a day, and I am always under.
I eat 4 meals, normally a carb with each one, either A Potato, Rice, Pasta, Brown Bread, or Porridge. Yet despite eating what seems like a lot for a sendentiary man, their calculator still says I am way below my carb requirements!
I have dieted before and used 2000kcal as a barometer including training 3 times a week at reasonable level. I did become leaner, and actually looked a bit too gaunt. There was often more illness too.
Since then I have developed chronic asthma, and I suffer from mild to moderate depression. Keeping my calories high is to ensure that I have a. variety and b. energy c. fighting the very low immune system due to inhaled steroids.
(I get around 7 viruses per year that wipe me out for about 2 days or more and approx 1-2 antibiotic requirements)
I wonder if my food intake is the cause all of this of what I can only describe as the "sleepies" which is where the body, following light exercise, just wants to sleep.
e.g. Day 1: 5 mile walk
       Day 2: 15 minute swim
       Day 3: Bed by 1pm for a nap, completely knocked out, mild soreness of muscles.
I try to eat Lamp Chops, Eggs, Chicken, Curry, Steaks, Tuna, Haddock, Pork, Bacon across a week. I do not ever eat vegetables.
I also drink 1 - 2 pints minimum a day of mixed raw vegetables which include:
Frozen Spinach
Frozen Brocolli
The above is blended with water, OJ, and some sweetener like Lemon or Orange Squash, and the contents when plated amount to around 2.5 small dinner plates of frozen veg.
I am quite fat, largely because when I have a virus, I have chocolate and one or two JD in front of Netflix, but I have cut out Haribo as I think these are the worst treat.
If you have got this far and know or have experienced extreme tiredness, extreme post exercise fatigue or manage a debilitating illness but want to still look good and succeed, any tips would be welcome.
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    Re: Can my Calorie Conundrum Cause Catastrophy? 2019/01/10 08:34:24 (permalink)
    Increase your activity and get outside more, natural light is a great way to find fatigue and depression. Maybe go along to a local Parkrun, just to volunteer at first if you don't think you can run it (many people run/walk it).
    Carb requirements depend largely on requirements and personal preference.  For me, I tend to eat very low carb on days when I'm not active.  Keeps my energy levels stable.
    I would definitely ditch the smoothies.  Blending fruit and veg like that basically turns it to sugar, especially when mixed with fruit juice.  Eat them whole.
    Is your weight currently going down?

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    Re: Can my Calorie Conundrum Cause Catastrophy? 2019/01/10 19:14:51 (permalink)
    Two things that come to mind:
    1) how carefully are you weighing your food? Your cals might be well off if you are not weighing food and taking estimates. Also consider fats used for cooking etc.
    2) how much energy are you using per day? If you typically lose weight on much less calories than they recommend then I'm guessing you don't exercise much at all.
    My suggestion would be to stay at current calories and increase exercise. This doesn't necessarily mean go on marathons. Just an hour walk each day, using stairs instead of lifts, or standing at your desk will make a big difference over the long run.

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    Re: Can my Calorie Conundrum Cause Catastrophy? 2019/01/15 22:14:36 (permalink)
    Hello and thanks for read and reply.

    My smoothies are about 15% fruit the rest are veg. I dont eat them and cant. So its that or nothing.

    My question was going to be how does My fitness plan calculate this??

    My watch for instance gives me a number between 1900 and 2100 each day - even on exercise days.

    But due to illness If I get up late and go to bed early a calculator is never going to know what “average is”

    A man who gets up goes to London and comes back on the train at 8 o clock most days is going to expend a shed load of calories. Same for a ground worker or etc etc.

    I will revert also to weighing but the diary mostly contains items that are marked / bag of brown rice etc - but u are right.

    “Friend of mine” is one of those cross fit me universes! Never counted a calorie or watches what he eats.
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