Chest / Shoulders

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2004/02/18 17:11:24 (permalink)

Chest / Shoulders

How much rest period should u give between a chest and shoulder workout. Also when training chest, how much or a percentage have u worked the shoulder muscles. Thanks for your help.

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    RE: Chest / Shoulders 2004/02/18 20:32:54 (permalink)
    why not train chest and shoulders on same day/that way you can give both plenty of time to recover before next work out
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    RE: Chest / Shoulders 2004/02/18 22:53:57 (permalink)
    I have 1 or 2 days from chest to shoulders and have no issues. Everybody’s different. A lot of factors play into this equation …how long you have been training, what kind of program are you using, how intense are your workouts, is your form correct, are you eating right? The list goes on and on. In the end only one person can tell you how long between workouts and that person is you.
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    RE: Chest / Shoulders 2004/02/19 11:32:10 (permalink)
    I usually leave a couple of days between them with no adverse effects but if I know I have to drop a session in the week (meetings, holidays, etc) then I throw them in with shoulders and drop the number of exercises & sets I do for shoulders that session. DBZ's right though... listen to your body. If your shoulders still feel knackered when it comes to training them then they need more rest or to be integrated into Chest day.
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    RE: Chest / Shoulders 2004/02/20 14:02:27 (permalink)
    Im not sure you can tell if your muscles are fully recovered just by how they feel. Im fairly sure the aching can go away after say 1-2 days, but the muscle may take another 3-5 days to fully recover.

    I do my direct chest, and shoulder work on the same day, although shoulders get worked indirectly every time you train (e.g SLDL's, squats on leg day - deadlifts, rows on back day etc etc)
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