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2011/03/19 11:48:05 (permalink)


Just thought I'd share my experience.
I like my ephs before a workout and found myself without any the other weekend.I've realized I'm far too dependant on them as I was like a smackhead trying to score. I was ringing lads I hardly know asking if they had any lying about but it was all to no avail.
Then in my desperation I remembered I'd heard people writing about using a OTC product called 'Chesteze' so I googled it and found that it did indeed contain eph at 18mg per tab iirc. My search also revealed Boots sold it so off I trotted to my local branch and purchased a box of 12 tabs.
30 mins before training I took 9 tabs which I'd loosely calculated to be equivalent to my average pre workout dose of 4/6 generic 30mg tabs of eph which I suspect to be very underdosed.
At first I got nothing then after a while I got...nothing.After about 1hr of training and 90mins since I had necked them I suddenly felt very unwell. I kept nearly vomiting and felt spaced out. It reminded me of bad nights out in the early 90's ! I still had no 'buzz' off them and just felt generally like ****.
I stayed like this for another few hours but thankfully a few stella's on the night sorted me right out . Needless to say I wont ever buy this rubbish again. I'm sticking to grey market generic ephs , preferably ones that come in coin bags for that authentic feel!

No biggie like, there are a lot worse things for you than using steroids, I mean I probably shouldn't have been smoking crack or getting into bar fights at your age TBH  - drab4


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    Re:Chesteze 2011/03/23 14:07:56 (permalink)
    Lol, 9 tabs at a time?!?!? WTF?!?!
    No wonder you felt like ****. If it wasn't the Eph in Chesteze, its also got loads of caffeine (in 9 tabs) and Theophylline which is nasty stuff.
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    Re:Chesteze 2011/03/24 12:34:44 (permalink)
    one tab of chesteze contains 18mg of pharma grade Eph hcl... you only needed 3-4 tabs fella!! lol!!! 
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    Re:Chesteze 2011/03/24 20:41:27 (permalink)
    Back street ECA far better LOL ,Boots is a danger zone of meds, i OD on pro plus once.

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    Re:Chesteze 2011/03/24 21:17:47 (permalink)
    oh no pro-plus..... worst 24hrs of my life that, that was over 20years ago and it still freaks me out.

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    Re:Chesteze 2011/03/25 14:17:28 (permalink)
    Thanks for sharing that, although at your expense I had a right giggle at that - you worded it very well!
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    Re:Chesteze 2011/07/09 18:52:35 (permalink)
    Paggers - You are indeed a fool!
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    Re:Chesteze 2011/07/09 21:24:05 (permalink)
    the stuff you get in most pre workout stimulants is more like ephedrine lite, chesteze is a pharmaceutical grade ephedrine, one a two tabs is more than enough.
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