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Clomid....something amiss.

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2014/11/08 09:17:59 (permalink)

Clomid....something amiss.


about 2-1/2 months ago I finished a 16wk test E cycle 500mg, I used hcg weekly from week 6 & kept 0.25mcg of arimidex from week 6 also.

post cycle as I always have done was tamoxifen. 20mg a day for 50 days.

probably around 4weeks post cycle I felt awful, kept getting sick, no sex drive, depressed in many ways.

so I booked to see an endo. he said tamoxifen was poor post cycle & I should use clomid. when I first started cycling around 10yrs ago, I was told clomid was evil, bad acne, crying, mood swings etc...

but 7 days in to clomid 50mg a day, I feel amazing, sex drive is back, I wake up with energy, what is going on?

is my body so smashed that clomid is making me happy?! am a little confused. all the endo said was eventually the clomid will restart my own test production.

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    Re: Clomid....something amiss. 2014/11/08 09:37:25 (permalink)
    Depends on the individual, some people get on well with Clomid, others hate it.
    You need to try things for yourself as a lot of advice is subjective.
    Glad to hear its working for you.
    Also cool that you felt O.K. discussing it with the Endo.

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    Re: Clomid....something amiss. 2014/11/08 13:10:38 (permalink)
    I usually always use Tamoxifen for PCT but thought i'd give Clomid a try for my last cycle.
    I was the most depressed pathetic little bitch i've ever been in my life :)
    No sex Drive, mood swings all over the place.........emotional wreck haha
    In theory they both pretty much do the same thing but as above, it just depends on the individual.
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    Re: Clomid....something amiss. 2014/11/09 20:22:02 (permalink)
    Clomid turns me into a girl too
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    Re: Clomid....something amiss. 2014/11/09 21:19:32 (permalink)
    Yeah clomid is something I'd never use again, horrible drug ime

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    Re: Clomid....something amiss. 2014/11/09 21:32:44 (permalink)
    They both work for the intended purpose of PCT - speeding up the recovery of your HPTA.
    Nolva is more potent, mg/mg, and more specific - it does this, as well as preventing gyno, with less side effects. Clomid has some estrogenic effect of its own on the brain and nervous system, which is why a lot of people feel moody and emotional on it. But it's also possible that this estrogenic effect is just enough to mimic your own estrogen, in which case clomid will make you feel better. Estrogen is something that you want within a reasonable range and you'll feel like crap whether it's too high or too low, and depending on the individual a moderate dose of clomid may produce just enough estrogenic effect or too much. For most it's too much.
    But what you should keep in mind is that this is all a completely separate issue from your testosterone production. The clomid might make you feel better than the nolva, but it won't be making you produce any more testosterone. It makes you feel better because of its direct effect on estrogen receptors.
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