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2008/05/15 19:02:56 (permalink)


I'm not joking when i say this have you lot ever seen bottom (that funny comedy with Ric Mayale/Richi & Edrian/Eddy Edmondson).

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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/05/16 00:38:13 (permalink)
    Whoa......i can't believe your've not seen bottom, you don't know what your missing its the BEST comedy ever. well...it has got Alot of bad language in it so its not something you can watch with your kid.lol
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/05/16 00:39:24 (permalink)
    I used to find it funny when I was about 14 lol.
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/05/16 00:44:40 (permalink)
    Guest house paradiso is amazing, ive literally been breathless with laughter everytime ive watched it lol.
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/05/16 01:01:01 (permalink)
    It's weird: when I saw the title "Comedies", I thought you were asking for recommendations. I was actually going to recommend Bottom. It's my favourite ever show and Rik Mayall is my favourite ever person.
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/05/16 02:05:55 (permalink)
    The episode where they go camping is hilarious!

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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/06/08 15:45:14 (permalink)
    I wanted to carry on with this thread before but i could'nt i was unwell, still am abit but oh well ...anyway bottom talk - ive watched Bottom ever since it was braudcasted about 12 yrs ago and i still think its great, they are rare to watch but have you lot ever seen the live stage shows (1. 2. hooligans island. arse odity. weapons grade lager) there even funnier
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/06/08 15:54:55 (permalink)
    One of the best comedies ever.
    Just so outragous, and by two of the best British comedians going.
    I liked it when they used to fight and Eddie always won, smaking each other round the head with frying pans. The scummy flat they used to live in. Still have the vids of them.

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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/06/08 17:32:29 (permalink)
    ...erm...I liked it when I was younger but I can't stand Mayal any more.
    Over acts his way through everything and isn't that funny.
    I bought his book "Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ" as a fan, and left it half finished thinking he had lost the plot and was desperately unfunny.

    Having said that, and armed with better writers, The Young Ones was excellent and it's a shame he used a few of the gags again in bottom.

    Anyone remember Rik & Ade in the short lived Hardwick House? It wasn't too bad.

    Guest House Paradiso had some good moments, like the bit where he fires a pencil into Ade's eyeball.

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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/06/08 19:25:51 (permalink)
    saw all the live shows when doing the rounds but must admit they got less funny each time.the tv shows are still good to watch with'gasman'being the best.i hope they pair up again,a update on the young ones might be good.
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    RE: *Comedies* 2008/06/08 19:49:56 (permalink)
    Good show, very funny - yes I liked the gas man one the best too
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