Complete Change of Routine, Opinions?

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2003/12/04 19:39:06 (permalink)

Complete Change of Routine, Opinions?

Originally, I was training on Mon/Thurs(Chest, Shoulders, Traps, Tricepts) and Tues/Fri(Legs, Back, Bicepts), but I wanted to do more exercises and my sessions were getting quite long(close to 2 hours), so I completely revamped my routine:

Flat Bench x10/x8/x6/x4
Inclined Bench "
Declined Bench "
Pek Dek "
Shoulder Press(dbells) "
Lateral Raises(dbells) "
Standing Deltoid Raises "

Curl Bar x10/x8/x6/x4
Reverse Grip Curls "
Hammer Curls "
30-minute Cardio exercise

Leg Presses x10/x8/x6/x4
Leg Extensions "
Leg Curls "
Hip Abductions x15/x12/x10
Hip Adductions x15/x12/x10
Standing Calf Raises x15/x12/x10

Skull Crushers x10/x8/x6/x4
Pushdowns "
Weighted Dips "
1-Arm Cable Pulldows "
Shrugs x15/x12/x10

Pulldowns x10/x8/x6/x4
Hammer Pulldowns "
Hammer Rows "
Bent-Over Rows "
Back Extensions "
Reverse Crunches 3sets of 12
Kick Outs 3 sets of 6

exercise#1 undecided
exercise#2 undecided
exercise#3 undecided
30-minute cardio exercise

One of the possible trouble with this routine is the cardio that I do on Tuesday is too close to my leg routine on Wed. So, one of my options would be to swap Monday's routine with Tuesday. The drawback to that is it would put only 1 day in between Chest/Shoulders and Tricepts. Plus that would still only be 1 day between Cardio(cycle or jogging exercise) & Leg routine. The question is, would it be enough rest time in between for those muscle groups?
The other option would be to add Forearms & remove Cardio from Tuesday's routine and simply do the cardio on Saturday(1 day per week).

The routine I'm doing is to add muscle mass. If I'm working with weight in the range of 50-130 pounds on a particular exercise, I add 5 pounds to each set(i.e. 115x10/120x8/125x6/130x4). 110-225 pounds, I add on 10 pounds to each set(i.e. 110x10/120x8/130x6/140x4).

So, what do you think?

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    RE: Complete Change of Routine, Opinions? 2003/12/04 19:55:31 (permalink)
    a fair bit too much volume imo. get rid of most of the cable/machine exersiezes [pec dec, pull downs etc etc] and wait for other peoples replies.

    not a lot of help i know, but i'm a hurry.
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    RE: Complete Change of Routine, Opinions? 2003/12/04 20:42:33 (permalink)
    Bloody hell! Are you a duracell bunny?

    Drop to 4 days, try doing 9 sets for chest back shoulders and legs and 6 sets for calves, traps, abs, arms.

    Pair chest and tri's, then back and bi's, have a day off, do legs then shoulders and traps and have the weekewnd off. If you want to throw cv in just do an easy session on the wed and one on sat
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    RE: Complete Change of Routine, Opinions? 2003/12/04 20:52:01 (permalink)
    Dude, more is not always better!

    Have a look thru some of the routines posted in the routines and the beginners forum and see what appeals. Don't overcomplicate matters, basic and heavy!

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