Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break

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2009/07/30 15:06:40 (permalink)

Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break

Whats your craziest trip ?

Mine has to be Southend, went down there a few years ago mob handed (27 of us) , and man did we end up in some rough places, the first bar we went into (little dark place just under the big bridge on the main strip on the right) , there was a man asleep on a pool table that was wedged in a door way when walked in, the music basically stopped when we all strutted in ..... there was about 7 blokes in there that looked rotten, we order a beer each just as got mine my mate 'ging' walked straight out the bog knocked the beer out of my hand told every one to leave the pub, apparently he see a 'skag head' passed out in bogs with a needle in arm and some skank stealing his belongings ...

The next place we moved on to was a bit more lively, big outside area but unbeknown to us it was Match day and the place was full of fans from both teams, at first a bit of banter started then world war 3 kicked off, bottles, bats, tables glasses you names it - it was being launched ..... was the most mental thing i have ever seen, there was people fighting everywhere, I thought i was going to get battered when 3 people coming running towards me looking like they wanted to kill me, someone took pity on me and sprayed them with bloody Mace ! i never forget standing outside place and van loads of old bill turning up a wading in ..... this was all before 2pm !!!! we still had the evening to go yet .....

got vivid memories or my mate losing a pool game to a 1 legged women who was doing shots of aftershock ... im sure she only had one eye as well ......... good times


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    Boss Redd
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    Re:Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break 2009/07/30 15:19:19 (permalink)

    I do a lot of push ups and sit ups. And I drink plenty of milk.

    Total Rebuild
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    Re:Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break 2009/07/30 15:23:14 (permalink)
    Rugby tour to Whitley Bay.

    You did gain far too much fat though,I mean,you're not muscular at all,you're just a fat mess.
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    Re:Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break 2009/07/30 16:05:20 (permalink)
    Boss Redd


    Lol cliffs?

    "Why Climb a Mountain, when you can become one..."

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    Re:Crazy Holiday / Trip / Short break 2009/07/30 16:08:32 (permalink)
    5pm decision to go edinburgh on jan 2nd 5 yrs ago.  Got there by 10, by 10.10 we were in the bar and the rest of history.  Next day went sledging, had a massive crashed and landed an inch away from a 100ft drop.. Lovely weekend.
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