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2011/03/24 00:07:57 (permalink)

Cycle Advice

So, i have lurked on these forums for a few months, debating with myself weather to take the plunge and finally i have made the decision to 100 percent take some steds!
Im going to run the cycle i seem to see you all reccomend quite alot to first timers, 30mg dbol for 6 weeks, nolva pct.
However, i have some questions i havent seen asked/answered much.
Firstly, i have a choice of a few dispensaries, which are the best quality?
How do you guys alter your training when on cycle? train longer, more often?
Finally, do i need to greatly increase calorie consumption when on cycle? Im currently bulking anyway so i eat whenever possible for the most part.
Thanks x

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    Re:Cycle Advice 2011/03/24 03:19:34 (permalink)
    I dont know about d,bol, cant get it where I am, But I do know when I do a course I must increase my calories or risk very minimal gains. Depending on how many calories your eating now is depentand on how much you will need to increase.
    I'm 114 kg and off cycle I consume around 4000-5000 calories. On cycle I try to increase this by about 1500 calories. Arouind 400-500g of protein and 200-350g carbs.
    Depending on your weight is the answer to how much you will require. This info is easily found on the web, so do a search.
    Some people debate on whether extra training is an advantage or not, for me I repair much quicker, up the intensity and the length of my sessions, and dont even take a day off, It works for me, and believe so for much of the population.
    As I said we cant d,bol where I am, so someone else will have to help you with the best manafacturer.
    Good luck, and dont forget the 3 main rules- Eat well, sleep well and train f#cken hard.
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    Re:Cycle Advice 2011/03/24 15:07:28 (permalink)
    thank you for your advice freddo!
    In addition to the above questions i would also like to know peoples oppinions on when to take the dbols all in one go or split through the day. I have tried googling this myself but there seems to be a divide with some people arguing for both cases.
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    Re:Cycle Advice 2011/03/24 15:24:26 (permalink)
    Split through the day...d-bols half life is only 3-4 hours so probably spread through the day!
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    Re:Cycle Advice 2011/03/24 15:34:38 (permalink)
    Have tried both all at once and split and noticed no difference
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