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Cycle advice - HELP

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2005/07/28 05:29:03 (permalink)

Cycle advice - HELP

Can you please advise me on an ideal summer cycle. I have completed several cyles over the last few years and now have been clean for some months. My goals have changed and I am more focused on acheiving a Musclular Beach Body as apposed to trying to look like a hardcore bodybuilder.
At present I am at 230lbs at about 14% bodyfat. I have listed below the products I have in stock.
How can I best utilise these in a cycle to achieve this smaller,muscular,tighter appearannce.
I do understand that alot of this is in the diet. I just need advise on the cycle.

Please help!

20xProp Amps 250mg
10xEnanthate 250mg
250x Dianobol tabs 5mg
9xDeca 100mg
50ml stanozol 50mg ml


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    RE: Cycle advice - HELP 2005/07/28 06:28:04 (permalink)
    It's late here and I'm in a rush, and my eyes are burning due to tiredness lol - but anyway...

    From a quick glance...

    For 6 weeks of 30mg Dianabol ED (it works out you will be two 5mg tablets short)

    A sufficient dosage for your Test Enanthate would be a minimum of 500mg IMO (although people have reported decent gains from only 250mg - but I personally class it as a waste) - for 500mg a week you could only run your Test for 5 weeks which is not long enough at all, try and get some more Test in otherwise it's pointless running this IMO.

    Only 9 amps of Deca? 100mg? Are you sure it's 100mg per amp or 100mg per ml and in a 2ml vial? Never the less - more Deca required here also IMO.

    Don't use Arimidex for PCT!

    I think you need more gear to make anything slightly useful IMO mate if you can that is?
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    RE: Cycle advice - HELP 2005/07/28 16:54:07 (permalink)
    ditto that !

    you could run a test/winny cycle from that mate but thats about it.
    start with the enan (500mg per week) then go onto the prop (eod) & winny you would have about 10 weeks.

    not enough deca to use so forget that, and it will blow you up anyway

    run the arimidex through the cycle not pct as Ad says, will also keep the bloat down and give you the desired look!
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