D-anabol 25

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2010/03/07 14:45:04 (permalink)

D-anabol 25

    I am currently on my first course of IBE Epistane, currently on week 1 of a 5 weeker and enjoying it at the moment! In the future i am looking for more options as to what cycles to run and was thinking towards the end of this year come 2011 i might try a more 'classic' steroid such as Dianabol as i want to pack on some mass and have come across D-anabol 25 on a webiste on the net (cant say the website for obvious reasons but i am sure you know which one i am on about). I just wanted to know is this the real deal (same as the classic dianabol) and would you reccomend this or Tbol for a reletively newbie user.
    I know you guys would probably say running orals is not always the best way to go but i cannot envisage myself injecting, for a start i hate needles and i would not have the confidence to do it myself.
     By they way i am 22 years of age, been training since i was 15, diet is bang on (albeit a few cheat meals here than there to keep me sane and human ;)
   Advice appreciated guys!!

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    Re:D-anabol 25 2010/03/07 16:34:46 (permalink)
    Load of cr@p. It's bogus rubbish.

    Do not buy any product that is named to to make you think you are getting real steroids. You're not. That is not dianabol.

    Anybody can call their product what they like.

    For example, I could make a product out of dried horse sh1t and lizard p1ss and call is Diana-bol. Do you see my point?

    The best advice to give here is do not buy from websites; whether they purport to sell real steroids or not (which yours isn't as it isn't even a real steroid)

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    Re:D-anabol 25 2010/03/07 18:02:27 (permalink)
    As Partyboy has said many name their products to give the buyer the impression that they are purchasing real steroids which is not the case.

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