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Deadlift Form

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2011/03/24 12:16:07 (permalink)

Deadlift Form

Right ive been training now for about 18 months, but ive always shyed away from deadlifts even though i know they are one of the main moves for bodybuilding, mainly due to not knowing the correct form, as i have a history of back probs and always worry that if i fcuk the form up i may injure my back and put me out of training for a week or so.
So anyway, was wondering if anyone had any tips on correct form or even better some videos, as ive checked you tube etc... and theres different forms and comments on them say form is wrong etc... so i'd rather ask you lot who know your sh1t, ;-)

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    Re:Deadlift Form 2011/03/24 13:11:35 (permalink)
    Hi there,
    There are lots of different ways to perform a deadlift stance and grip wise and thats just down to how your body is most comfortable. My preference is to stand relatively narrow (hip width) and my grip is just slightly wider than my feet. but again this is just MY preferance.
    The most important thing is your lifting posture/form.
    Bend down and grip the bar, push your arse out behind you until your back is nice and flat, then begin to lift the bar.
    Many people try to use their legs too much which causes the bar to scrape the shins (this can be quite painfull)
    Don't be affraid to let your back take the weight, as long as your form is good u'll be fine.
    Keep a smooth and steady movement right to the top (don't jerk it up, it'll take as long as it takes)
    When you get to the top DONT hyper extend. I don't really understand why people do this, it just causes unneccesary pressure through the spine.
    Then just slowly loer the weight to the floor (remember theres two parts to a lift: the concentric and the eccentric. If your not training for powerlifting use both.)
    Hope my little ramble has helped and not just confused you further.
    And remember, this is my opinion and others may use other methods.
    All the best
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    Re:Deadlift Form 2011/03/24 13:22:06 (permalink)
    Cheers ignite, it all helps.
    Thanks a lot pal.
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    Re:Deadlift Form 2011/03/24 13:30:22 (permalink)
    The bar should scrape the shins, or at least be very close. 
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    Re:Deadlift Form 2011/03/24 14:05:58 (permalink)
    The deadlift is a leg lift. The main muscles that produce the movement are the glutes, hams and quads. The back works statically to maitain the position of the spine.
    As to tech Rippetoe's basic set up pointers are among the best to simply get you into a good position to deadlift from.
    - feet position; set as if your about to do a standing jump feet slightly pointed out.
    - set up with the bar over mid-foot. Not mid way over the bit of the foot you can see.
    - reach down and grab the bar just outside your legs.
    - bend down till your shins touch the bar.
    -extend the back to get set into the final position.
    -chest up, head in a neutral position.
    -take the tension
    -drive through heals and push hips through.
    All the above will be a good start. It will also cater for most indiviual differences but off course there are different nuiances and slightly different ways.
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    Re:Deadlift Form 2011/03/24 14:20:34 (permalink)
    Although no expert, I find gripping the bar 'back and front' ie overhand and underhand helps you keep hold of it better than both overhand
    Also , I try to do them in front of a mirror and keep looking forward all the time - this should keep your back straight
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