Deadlift question

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2009/07/29 14:02:12 (permalink)

Deadlift question

I've read that a deadlift is concidered a back exercise but I'm feeling like it works my hamstrings quite a lot. Am I right to be thinking it is also a good leg exercise?

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    Re:Deadlift question 2009/07/29 14:13:59 (permalink)
    Very much hits both bodyparts. Depending on how you deadlift.

    SLDL: focuses on ham/glutes more
    Romanian: slightly more back

    This details them:


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    Re:Deadlift question 2009/07/29 18:11:12 (permalink)
    The deadlift is predomantly a hip and leg exercise regardless of style, i.e. glutes, hams and quads (little quads with the stiffer legged varaiety obviously).

    The back, both upper and lower, is indeed stressed hard but this is mainly through static work.

    My kinesiology/anatomy breaks done at this point as i cannot name a lower back muscle that crosses the hip joint onto any posterior portion of the hip  the femur?  Do any? 

    As such the above comparison of sldl and romanain deadlifts is incorrect. There is less activation of the quads during the sldl compared to a rdl and hence less weight can be used. Infact due to the position of the spine during sldl (greater hip flexion, with less knee flexion) there will be a generally greater relative stress on the lower back.
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    Re:Deadlift question 2009/07/29 19:20:34 (permalink)
    I see it as a lower body exercise. But it works probably more muscles than anything else you can do.

    The core muscles - which as a group include glutes, hamstrings, obliques, RA, Erector Spinae, TA, QL, hip flexors etc... - are heavily worked.
    If you look at the core muscles, they are pretty well designed, and I think its good if people understand them and what they do.

    Iain - Do you mean; the internal obliques, external obliques and lats run diagonally and sort of go "around" the midsection to opposite sides, to create a 'corset' effect?
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