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Deadlift reps

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2003/12/20 00:23:44 (permalink)

Deadlift reps

Hi guys, this is my first post in this forum so please go easy.
I train as a bodybuilder but include the major strength lifts.

My problem is with my deadlift. I am having problems reducing the reps and upping the weight. I want to go down to 4-6 reps on my last set but end up doing 12 reps.

My max set at the moment is 180 Kg for 12, the first rep feels like a 1 rep max but I can do 12 reps with it just tapping down for each rep.

You would probably say simple just add more weight and you will only be able to do 4-6 reps but it is that initial pull that I have problems with.

It might just be fear of going heavier and I am psychologically stuck at 4 plates a side but that first rep seams like the one I am going to injure myself on as I have had a few lower back problems in the past and I end up pulling with more back and not using my legs enough.

What sort of reps/sets do you guys do for deadlifts? I normally just do 1 plate eachs side for 20 warm up, 2 a side for 10, 3 a side for 8, then max out at 4 a side for 12 (want to work at 4-6 for last set)

Any thoughts will be much appreciated, Thanks.


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    RE: Deadlift reps 2003/12/20 01:14:15 (permalink)
    Personally, because of the technique issues that come with using repped sets on the deadlift, I only ever do singles on it. I usually warm up for it using the squat up to about 140kg. I'll then do a few singles in quick succession on the d/l on 140-160kg and then just do progressive singles from then on up to just over 200kg. I suspect you will be able to max more than me if you can pull 180kg for 12 so you'll probably need to adapt these numbers to suit yourself.

    One thing that might work for you is to do singles, but to increase the weight only slightly each time i.e. up 5 kilos after each single after 180kg. This way, your body will be able to 'warm up' to the weight and if you have problems with your back, you'll feel it before you add too much extra weight to the bar and thus avoid injury. This should also help you get over the psychological issue as you can tell yourself, "I can lift 180 for 12, this is only a little bit more. How difficult can it be?" or something similar.
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    RE: Deadlift reps 2003/12/20 06:04:29 (permalink)
    Stop tapping each rep on the floor. After each rep set the weight down and do each rep like its the first. This will help your pulling power for max 1 rep pulls.
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