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Diet Plans vs Simply Cutting Cals

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2011/03/13 20:53:03 (permalink)

Diet Plans vs Simply Cutting Cals

What are your thoughts on well written diet plans (UD2, IF, Keto, Paleo etc) vs simply cutting calories.

I have read many books/blogs/articles that use studies and scientific theory to manipulate the body into greater fat burning results with maximum muscle maintenance. I take everything with a pinch of salt as many of the authors I respect contradict one another but then again they do put forward some very good scientific arguments. The diets will all work as you are cutting calories and imo the one that is most likely to work best is the one you can keep to realistically and fit in around your life.

I often talk with my boss (British natural bodybuilding champ, masters in nutrition) and discuss my most recent reads. For him it is a simple as cutting cals with no fancy techniques at all and he gets into amazing condition! He realises however that not everyone can cut for 12+ weeks without a cheat meal or drink here and there. 

What has been realistic for me is TKD Monday-Friday. Followed by a weekend carb ups/cheat meals/drinks. This is the only way I can cut without ruining my social life.


What has worked best for you?

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    Re:Diet Plans vs Simply Cutting Cals 2011/03/13 21:18:29 (permalink)
    For myself I find the best results I have had is a timed carb diet with a reasonable family meal of a night and a Saturday night off with a drink and basically what I want for 3 hours. It probably takes a bit longer than being totally strict but I would probably end up eating one of the kids!
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    Re:Diet Plans vs Simply Cutting Cals 2011/03/13 21:37:56 (permalink)
    Currently 3 weeks into the DP keto diet and its going well, I,ll probably stick to this for another 3-4 weeks then move onto more of a TKD with a weekly cheat meal just to keep me sane, luckily I can take or leave the booze so this isnt a problem.
    The fact that the keto diets are quite strict is a major plus point in my eyes as if I was just trying to run a lowish carb diet then I know that I would end up taking in more carbs than I was supposed to, where when your keto dieting you know that this will knock you out of ketosis and hinder your progress alot.
    I,m really wanting to get lean with my bf around the 8-10% mark and then try and stay at that level rather than yo-yo up and down with my weight, thats the plan anyway time will tell if i,m successful.
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    Re:Diet Plans vs Simply Cutting Cals 2011/03/13 22:38:29 (permalink)
    I personally just cut cals, i think the set diets are good, but tbh i cant be bothered with planning anything out and just sort of eat as i go (healthily of course)

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