Diet advice ?

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2006/07/18 17:31:34 (permalink)

Diet advice ?

I am 24, 5'10 and weigh roughly 100kg
I have quite a high B/f but dont know exactly
I am looking to pack on size at the minute ( not chasing visible abs etc.. )
I have been bulking though not as clean as i'd have liked and have added a lot of weight to my stomach - doh ! so anyway i'm still looking to bulk i'd just rather do it cleaner !
Heres the diet I am currently following :

7.30am - 40g whey in water
8.00am - 2 slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter, banana
11.00am - tin of tuna/chicken breast, 40g of wholewheat pasta, apple
2.00pm - tin of tuna/chicken breast, 40g of wholemeal pasta, apple
5.00pm - tin of tuna/chicken breast, 40g of wholemeal pasta, banana
7.00pm - Train
8.30pm - 40g whey, 40g dextrose in water
9.00pm - family meal normally chicken,rice/potatoes,broccoli

3-4Ltrs of water throughout day

I think breakfast could do with more protein ? I do find it difficult to eat in the morning but will just get up earlier if necessary
Also getting fed up with tuna and pasta now ?

No supps but intend on starting CEE in near future

Plumber/manager so some days burn shedloads of calories other days sat behind a desk posting on MT !

Any advice much appreciated as always

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    RE: Diet advice ? 2006/07/18 18:29:04 (permalink)
    Definitely add more protein to your breakfast, how about some egg whites on toast or add a protein shake in there. Also what kind of Peanut butter are you using? There are some good ones out there but some really bad too! Make sure that yours isn't loaded with trans-fats and sugars too - check both these ingredients on the nutritional panel and go for the all natural kind.
    Also you need some variety in your diet, by having 3 meals exactly the same you risk burning out and getting bored with the same foods all the time plus you might be missing out on vital nutrients from eating the same things.
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    RE: Diet advice ? 2006/07/18 18:45:38 (permalink)
    More protein at breakfast.

    More protein and carbs PWO.

    More Omega 3's.

    More food, up the portion sizes, increase protein consumption, keep fibrous carbs and fruit.
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