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Helpful ReplyDiet plan whilst bulking

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2014/11/15 12:37:34 (permalink)

Diet plan whilst bulking

I train at different time's throughout the week due to work etc. so this is how my plan goes:
- 8 AM - Bowl of porridge with a weight gainer shake (Approx 160G carbs / 40G protein) / cup of coffee / BCAA's / Multi-Vitamin's
- 11 AM - Egg omellette ( Usually 6 egg whites and 3 egg yolks)
- 2 PM - 150G Chicken breast - Brocilli and 9 / 10 almond nuts
- 5PM - Brown rice / 150G Chicken breast / Pepper's / cup of coffee / BCAA's / Multi-Vitamin's
- 8PM -  Brown rice / 150G Chicken breast / Pepper's / weight gainer shake with a scoop of creatine and glutamine (Approx 160G carbs / 40G protein)
- 11PM - Steak and brocilli
Doe's this diet look fine for bulking - I'm putting on weight but it's adding too fast i.e. more fat than wanted. 
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Re: Diet plan whilst bulking 2014/11/16 12:33:47 (permalink)
If it fits your macros you go in the right way
I usually use Lyle Mcdonalds formula to count the daily calories :D
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Re: Diet plan whilst bulking 2014/11/16 20:38:21 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby The_Lone_Wolf 2014/11/17 09:31:42
Did you write this plan? On the basis of what? Any idea on calories? protein/carb/fats?
It doesn't look fine it looks horrific if you want my opinion. By eating those foods you're essentially torturing yourself and your taste buds and trust me when I say you will lose interest very very fast. Obviously it works in the sense that you're gaining weight, but if you're worried you're gaining too much too fast then you need to sit down and work out exactly what you need to be eating calorie wise. Once you've done that, then open your eyes with the foods you have available that are fun to eat and don't get bogged down with that chicken, rice & broccoli combo.
I don't want to make this about me but I'm up 3kg in 5 weeks, lost a ton of BF% and try and guess what I've had for tea most nights for the last week?

10 minutes to prepare, 10 to cook. Absolutely nothing on that plate that I wouldn't advise against anyone eating when either trying to lose or gain.
So 1) Work out what it is you need to gain 2) Enjoy your food.

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Re: Diet plan whilst bulking 2014/11/19 01:58:33 (permalink)
First of all you need to reconsider the weight gainer - that will probably put on the most fat because of all the sugar in each scoop.  Secondly, when you're trying to bulk up you're not going to stay lean.  You're going to have some body fat - that's what bulking up means. 
If you're trying to get lean, then you have to diet.  If you're trying to bulk up, you have to eat heavy.  Now you can try to stop eating all the bad foods like processed foods, sugars, dairies, etc,.  Now there is such a thing as eating lean protein for lean muscle gains but you're not going to bulk up eating lean protein. 
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Re: Diet plan whilst bulking 2014/11/20 12:41:56 (permalink)
Thanks guys, 
I'm going to see how I get on over the next 4 weeks or so. I'm on a cycle so I'll just keep to the diet plan I'm currently on. I suppose I don't mind putting on a bit of fat weight whilst bulking as I'll be completing a cutting cycle next time round.
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