Dieting... Causing major problems... Depression... Help...

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2009/07/28 13:42:19 (permalink)

Dieting... Causing major problems... Depression... Help...

Hey guys,
Could use some encouragement/help...
I have been dieting since March pretty consistently up until about a month ago or so.. (technically still on diet, just keep having slip ups all the time maybe 2-3 times a week) This is due to feeling very, very low in mood... I feel properly depressed all the time. I reached a sticking point about a month or so ago which I could not drop anymore fat, no matter what I did.. Tried changing diet strategies several times.. More cardio, less cardio, cheat meals, refeed days, low carb, mod carb, changing up programs, lower volume higher volume.. you name it I've tried it.. My training is solid but I am so sad/frustrated my progress seems to have gone backwards! My abs have all but disappeared.. I didnt even cheat that badly on diet...
I am feeling I am developing a problem, I am constantly pre occupied with my weight now, worrying is it going to go up anymore, compensating with extra exercise if I eat something I shouldnt to try alleviate fear... It's a vicious circle, all I want to do is comfort eat, then I do that I feel really guilty afterwards...
Worst of all, I have my holidays next week, all my hard work is going down the toilet, instead of looking good and feeling confident I am going to be looking and feeling sh*t...
Sorry for being a bitch.. but this is taking over my life..
Wanted so badly to do a show, and wanted to do a light cycle, but with my current state of mind I am wondering is this such a good idea...

Why can't every meal be a cheat meal?........

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    Re:Dieting... Causing major problems... Depression... Help... 2009/07/28 17:58:33 (permalink)
    Make sure you eat enough carbs and calories for a start.

    The only long term consistent diet is a balanced one. Food isn't the enemy you must learn to understand the benefits of what you eat and how your body works. I.E what makes you fat/lose fat sounds like you have the wrong idea.       
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    Re:Dieting... Causing major problems... Depression... Help... 2009/07/28 19:28:20 (permalink)
    Keep pounding away at the diet mate. Consistancy will always be rewarded!

    Seems like you've made lots of changes to the diet/programme etc but how long do you stick with each change? I'd hazard a guess if your feeling low then it won't be long enough to see a difference.

    I am cutting and also get very down about my, apparant, lack of progress which leads me to the mirror & scales 3-4 times a day everyday in the hope of a miracle happening. I sometimes get very down when reading the exceptional stories of peoples progress made in just a couple of months. But, like a sensible friend tells me, these people have exceptional genetics for holding/building muscle and losing fat and are literaly 1 in maybe 100,000 or more.

    Look in the journal section here and read how lotsof guys slowly grind their way through diets over months and months and arrive at a very good physique. Quite inspiring.

    Don't do a cycle if you feel like this! When u come off your mind will mash itself up and there is a good chance u may even regress further back than from when u started the cycle.
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    Re:Dieting... Causing major problems... Depression... Help... 2009/07/28 20:27:12 (permalink)
    Post your diet/stats and training schedule up and we can try to sort it.
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