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Dieting and FISH

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2007/06/19 22:56:05 (permalink)

Dieting and FISH

I dont normally eat fish but looking to start getting into it as chicken/turkey is taking its toll - just need to change to keep the enthusiasm going.

Ive read a few articles and seen Jay Cutler say that he diets on fish and egg whites to prepare/cut for comps.

Is fish generally regarded better than animal meat and what fish is best to eat/protein comparison to chicken say?

many thanks


ps - just getting into tuna/potatoes/rice/pasta

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    RE: Dieting and FISH 2007/06/19 23:02:11 (permalink)
    Id say if you dont like fish then dont eat it. How about steak, or lean pork chops instead? Most fish is very low on fat except for oily fish which is really good for you as it contains healthy fats as well as EFA's. i personally love coley, haddock, cod, salmon, sardines, pilchards, mackeral, tuna, prawns, mussels, crab, lobster (if i can afford it) also monkfish is quite a nice meaty fish too.

    I dont know if its regarded as better than animal meat as it is technically a animal/meat product, it certainly is very tasty and makes a change of pace if all youre eating is chicken and turkey
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    RE: Dieting and FISH 2007/06/20 09:21:57 (permalink)
    Some foods are dropped simply because of their sodium levels.

    Some foods contain a lot of sodium which holds water and therefore distorts the look of the competitor during the pre-comp phase.
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    RE: Dieting and FISH 2007/06/20 12:19:17 (permalink)
    Fish is food is good for the brain as well as good source of protein. Fish is a food of excellent nutritional value, providing high quality protein & a wide variety of vitamins & minerals, including vitamins A , D, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium & iodine in marine fish.

    Its protein is easily digestible & favourably complements dietary protein. In general fish is also a bit easier on digestive system than meat... Though it is always good to have variety of sources of protein (or any other nutrient for that matter). No matter how good a source - it is always better to have a variety to get the best use of it if u know what i mean.

    Also u can get the essantial amino acids in at the same time. Or if u wanna cut the cals/ fats out - u can always go for the less oily fish.

    I love all fish, and SAM is my favourite!!! (Salmon that is...)
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    RE: Dieting and FISH 2007/06/20 12:25:54 (permalink)
    imo dont over analyze it.

    fish is great if you like it. if you dont, dont eat it.

    play the hand you are dealt!!!

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