Ectomorph Routine ..

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2005/07/24 03:16:16 (permalink)

Ectomorph Routine ..

Can anyone reccommend a quality weight lifting routine for an ectomorph looking to gain mass and poundage ?


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    RE: Ectomorph Routine .. 2005/07/24 05:17:55 (permalink)
    Is that the skinny on, fat one or one in between?

    Something i've learned is that if you use compund lifts and push your body to its limit - it will grow irrespective of bodytype. Of course, keep reps between 4 and 8.

    Base the program around Bench, Squats and Deadlifts, or, Weighted Dips, Leg Press and Rack Pulls, or, D/B Press, Front Squats and Power Cleans - all compound lifts. Lift, huff and puff, go to failure or almost failure, EAT and you should grow.

    All your bodytype dictrates is whether you will be cut/ripped and not bulk as easy, or whether you will bulk easily but not be as cut or ripped. All you need is a stimulus to grow, and that stimulus is resistance.

    If anyone disagrees please let me know.
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    RE: Ectomorph Routine .. 2005/07/25 13:50:12 (permalink)
    1. Squat & eat
    2. Bench & eat
    3. Deadlift & eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eta etab etagdshywfydshjvhjbdbvm

    You can throw some assistance in there to.
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    RE: Ectomorph Routine .. 2005/07/25 22:46:50 (permalink)
    I would try to minimize ur lifts by doing as many compounds as possible. Also, like stated above, make sure u eat! I'm an ecto, and when bulking I eat at least 5500 cals/day. You might not need this much, but it's better to have to much than too little...

    I really like the looks of this program, about to start it myself:


    But the most important thing is eating!!!!!
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    RE: Ectomorph Routine .. 2005/07/26 00:52:57 (permalink)
    ORIGINAL: trickassmark
    But the most important thing is eating!!!!!

    I concur.
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