Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far

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2009/07/31 09:24:12 (permalink)

Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far

First time ph user so running the following:

30mg epi for 4 weeks alongside 800mg of Milk Thistle
5 grams of Creatine e/d mixed with protein shake
Nolva for pct
Taking in around 3500 calories each day, no cardio apart from a 2.5 mile walk to and from work each day.

Currently in my second week and have gained around 6-7lbs without much fat gain.  At the start of cycle scales measured bf at 14.5% at 11 stone 7 and now im 14.7% at a straight 12 stone, I am 5ft 11

Training routine has been intense...3 days on and then a day off.

Spilt of push, pull, legs - compound movement for each body part going 5x5 and then isolation movements done 8-12 rep range.  I find this has gave me a good balance in my training.  I have also been doing a lot of drop sets after a heavey set which I find feels great and give a good pump..whether thats beneficial to growth I do not know.

So far results have been decent, my strong parts of my body have blew up, my lats and biceps look much bigger and fuller and put on size.  Dissapointingly my weaker parts - chest and triceps do not seem to have improved much.

My strength on squats, deadlifts and my endurance has improved.  Managing decent squats with good form at 90kg for aroud 7-8 reps and dealifting and 100kg for 7-8 reps.  This is a 5-10kg improvement from when I started the cycle - again this might just be a pychological more than anything.   Bench press is still weak only managing around 60kg for 6-7 reps :-(

I have suffered no side effects at all other than it making me one HORNY bastard haha.  I have woken up today though with sore elbow joints and my middle back is tender as well.  I think this more down to intense training and using heavier weights, Im having 3 days off and have booked myself in for a sports massage to let my body recover then I'l continue on with my normal regime.

Main thing is I am really enjoying this, was only going to run for 4 weeks but as I have had no sides and responded well im tempted to do another 2 weeks at 40mg.  I will monitor and see how the next 2 weeks go.




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    Re:Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far 2009/07/31 10:57:33 (permalink)
    I'd up the milk thistle to 1000mg+

    and no need for creatine on cycle, save it for pct.

    I do a lot of push ups and sit ups. And I drink plenty of milk.

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    Re:Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far 2009/07/31 22:41:38 (permalink)
    do u need to take milk thistle on pct?

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    Re:Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far 2009/08/01 00:27:11 (permalink)
    Personally I think MT alone post cycle is not gonna be that great for restoring liver function.

    Aim for a comprehensive approach tackling all facets of the body which need to be remedied post cycle.


    do u need to take milk thistle on pct?

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    Re:Epistane Cycle - Sharing My Experience So Far 2009/08/02 13:33:00 (permalink)
    Funkythumbs - yes mate i would defo run for 6 weeks a least for optimal gains, up to 40mg the last 2 week if you wish and see how you get on with it.

    orange86 - yes nolva is toxic
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