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FAIL @ Squat today!

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2009/07/25 14:34:21 (permalink)

FAIL @ Squat today!

Today went for my leg routine at the gym.

Leg curls
Leg extensions
Seated leg press

Then i tried to finish off with some squats after a short break:

Racked up to 90kg to get a PB....1 rep OK 2 rep HARD 3rd rep and on my way up my legs just ran out of energy and i leaned to the right and fell right back away from the squat rack and onto the floor!

2 or 3 regulars i see there were watching + one of my collegues and i felt like the worlds biggest plonker!!

Has this happend/is it regular? Because i see these guys quite often and now i feel like a total neb.
My technique was good but i think i should have called it quits after the 2nd, considering i had no spotter and i f*kin held onto the bar instead of dropping it onto the supports.

Have i really made such a epic mistake which i am making it out to be.


I think they are trying to out-alpha you.


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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/25 15:45:42 (permalink)
    Squatting at the end of a workout is not the best idea

    Attempting a pb without spotters is also not a good idea

    What's done is done, put it from your mind, soldier on and don't make the same mistakes again

    As far as I know, forgiveness is for the benefit of the person doing the forgiving, not the one being forgiven
    ard-eoin tim
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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/25 21:18:35 (permalink)
    think that was bad, i was doing calf raise with the bar on top of my back and the step i was standing on fliped over ,i nearly had a seirous accent only for the catch to latch on to the rack at the bottom , my arse was sittng on the floor and my knees where touching my chin lol, i felt like a right d1ck  , but got back up and finished my workout
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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/28 11:47:46 (permalink)
    Think most of us have probably had an epic fail at one time. I was shoulder pressing, went for a PB, totally forgot my form and clipped my chin on the way up. Knocked two front teeth loose!

    Still, forgot about it and finished my workout all the same.
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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/28 17:05:37 (permalink)
    clipped my chin on the way up

    done that a few times, most times when going for a pb and your really going for it (110% effort straight into your chin)
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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/28 19:25:10 (permalink)
    My bar on the shoulder press would be moving too slow to hurt me lol

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    Re:FAIL @ Squat today! 2009/07/30 12:53:16 (permalink)
    110% effort straight into your chin

    Haha. Makes you more angry though.

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