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2003/11/24 14:58:57 (permalink)


I know this is an exercise most people forget about. I am starting a 5x5 routine today, doing push days, pull days and then legs, 2 exercises per bodypart.

At what stage should I incorporate forearm excercises?

Also does anyone have a advice on good shoulder excercises?

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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 15:09:58 (permalink)
    you can do forearm exercises anytime, however if you want a real burn then incorporate them into your bi routine because they are a secondary muscle when curling.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 15:59:24 (permalink)
    I generally put them in after one of my 5x5 training sessions or sometimes on one of my cardio days.

    What forearm exercises do you have in mind?

    For shoulders on 5x5 id go with either standing military press of standing db press, i personally go with standing db press.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 16:39:37 (permalink)

    I find that forearms generally get worked a lot anyway without any 'direct' work. On 5x5 I would expect them to get a good workout especially on pull day.

    You could add in a few sets of wrist curls to directly work the forearms.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 20:58:34 (permalink)
    Interesting, Ive got 18" forearms and ive never hit them directly atall ever, genetics have a big part to play in forearm development.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 21:32:14 (permalink)
    lucky git [:P]
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/24 23:14:17 (permalink)
    I've trained forearms, it is good to train them, for the strength.

    But yeah, as they do get hit in-directly remember you can work up as slow as you like with weights.

    I don't take the usual approach with forearm work outs. I build up very slow in terms of raising weight and if I don't feel like doing any exercises for them I won't. Forearm exercises burn me out easy, and considering you need your arms for 90% of your movements killing them aren't a good idea.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/29 15:16:56 (permalink)
    Originally posted by bbigman2000

    Interesting, Ive got 18" forearms and ive never hit them directly atall ever, genetics have a big part to play in forearm development.

    LOl, 18" forearms, that's hugemongous!

    I don't do any direct forearm work and they are growing well.
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    RE: FOREARMS 2003/11/30 03:39:27 (permalink)
    I agree that you definatly don't need it if your doing some heavy back work. But in moderation it's good to hit em.
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