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First Cycle

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2011/04/01 01:52:22 (permalink)

First Cycle

Alright guys, totally new to this but after frustration at lack of gains despite good training and solid diet I feel it is definitely worth trying.

I have read the articles and many of the forums to make the best decision, however there is still a couple of questions I would appreciate if they could be answered.

I've decided to do a 4-week h-drol cycle, with 3 week PCT. Training PPLwith 5 x 5, does that sound fine?

I'm currently trying to decide the best time to begin my cycle, I have a lads holiday booked for July and which will include drinking quite a lot, would it be adviseable to start soon due to the strain put on the liver or if I complete the cycle and correct PCT should I be fine?
Any help and advice, or criticism, will be much appreciated

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    Re:First Cycle 2011/04/01 07:28:39 (permalink)
    I would leave 5x5 for PCT to try and keep strength gains. During cycle P/P/L is fine but would stick to 3x10 or 4x8.
    I would avoid alcohol full stop.
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    Re:First Cycle 2011/04/01 08:51:19 (permalink)
    Do not touch alcohol bud imo till you are out of PCT not just on cycle. During - you are further stressing your health and organs, then in PCT your body is geared towards fat gain and a hormonal mess, alcohol promotes estrogen levels and makes you fat - why waste the efforts and gains made on cycle for a beer. If you cannot live without it I do not think running a cycle is really for you as chances are you have never made a committment to training and eating/drinking clean to maximise your potential.
    Personally prefer to increase reps as strength improves on cycle then in PCT drop the volume and rep range and pile on the plates for something like a 5x5, tbh initially I might even go 4x5 or 5x3 - I see where strength is after the cycle and look to tap in an exploit this to help preserve gains and even continue gaining.
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    Re:First Cycle 2011/04/01 09:57:37 (permalink)
    Going on a lads holiday, involves plenty of drinking and probably no gymin, which would be a waste of any cycle, especially during or in pct. 
    ^JW hit the nail on the head.
    If your training has plateud, you dont have to resort to anabolics.
    Post up your diet and training regime and we'll see what little tweaks we can make to help you overcome the plateu. Also, have you considered any supplements? eg  whey protein, creatine, testboosters, fat burners etc... ?
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    Re:First Cycle 2011/04/01 13:48:38 (permalink)
    4 weeks on Hdrol is a bit of a waste IMO,
    2 bottles, 6 weeks at 50/75/75/75/75/75 is a good dosing protocol.
    If you were able to start ASAP, that would give you a good 6 weeks after PCT completion for you to normalize before your holiday...
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    Re:First Cycle 2011/04/01 16:56:50 (permalink)
    Appreciate the feedback guys, I do understand alcohol should be avoided and I have cut back a lot, though I feel everyone should be allowed 1 week in the year to enjoy a holiday.

    Thanks for the advice Vibora, I was only starting short with my cycle as its my first one and unsure how my body would react.

    Here goes m118 would be open to suggestions on anything as frustrations are getting me down at times;

    I'm a university student so my meal times can depend on what time my timetable has me waking up etc, but I try to eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Also been trying to keep carbs lower to cut down BF slightly for summer holiday.
    Training usually comes between meals one-three.

    Meal one - 60g porridge oats w skimmed milk, 1 scoop whey, 1 tea spoon flaxseed

    Meal two - 3 poached eggs, 2 slices burgen soya/linseed bread, evoo

    Meal three - 2 oat cakes, 1 tin tuna/salmon/mackerel, banana

    Meal four - 150g chicken breast w plenty of veg, or lean steak/ turkey mince chilli w spinich, kindey beans etc

    Meal five - bedtime shake, 1 scoop whey with skimmed milk

    Snacks; drink at least a pint of skimmed milk a day, tin of nixe mackerel from lidl (most days), drink min 2L water a day and 2/3 green tea

    My PWO shake consists of - 2 scoops whey, 2 scoops instant oats w water

    Supplements: Currently using CEE caps 3 before 3 after (previously used mono caps), caffiene tablets pre workout if I'm feeling low on energy, mulitvitamin, ZMA & 1550mg omega 3 before bed

    Training PPL with 5x5 for PP and 3/4 x 10 legs

    Push: Bench Press
              Military Press
              Close-grip bench/ skull crushers

    Pull: Deadlifts
           Pull ups & chin ups
           One arm rows
           Bicep curls (if I don't feel biceps are completely dead!)

    Legs: Squats
             Leg press
             Abs - various

    Any advice or improvements would be much appreciated, I'm open to trying most things, to answer your question I've never tried any fat burners, did try tribulus (test booster) but felt no improvement

    Cheers again guys
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