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Helpful ReplyFirst cycle and i am gyno prone

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2014/10/06 11:01:35 (permalink)

First cycle and i am gyno prone

looking at doing my first cycle but i have had gyno in the past and had to pay to get it removed so don't really want to have to do that again as it was £3000ish.. what is out there with minimal gyno side effects? or is there anything that doesn't risk getting gyno at all???? 
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Re: First cycle and i am gyno prone 2014/10/06 12:21:59 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby theweeninjaguy 2014/10/06 14:02:14
Winstrol, anavar, turinabol, primobolan, masteron, boldenone, epistane, halodrol, M4OHN. Gyno is very unlikely with any of those.
With plain testosterone and an AI/SERM the risk is low too.
It's the 19-nors (nandrolone, dienolone, trenbolone, methyldienolone, methyltrienolone), the highly estrogenic ones (dbol, anadrol) and the uber designers (M1T, superdrol, msten, ddrol) that you should be careful with.
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Re: First cycle and i am gyno prone 2014/10/06 13:11:35 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby theweeninjaguy 2014/10/06 14:02:51
Best advice i got before my first cycle was on here. Use a really modest dose of one compound like test e and see how you respond. Have nolva on hand in case you feel any sides. Keep it simple and low first time out and maybe increase if no sides in first few weeks. I am halfway through a test c 300mg/wk and thinking of upping it from once per wk to twice as no sides so far.
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Re: First cycle and i am gyno prone 2014/10/06 14:04:07 (permalink)
good advice above. 
nolvadex and letrozol are both able to reverse gyno so if you do get it, it's not the end of the world - letro is harsh as fook but much faster at reversal than nolvadex. 

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