Flexing The Dead

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2008/05/20 10:51:46 (permalink)

Flexing The Dead

I picked up my first copy of Flex yesterday in over 10 years.
Prior to that, I collected it religiously every month from the late 80's to the mid 90's and I still have them in the attic.

Other than a poster of Arnie and a free satchet of NO-X, I was suprised to see so many familiar faces gone.
I suppose it's inevitable with the passage of time, so I did a bit of googling and was shocked that so many of the old timers, who were actually quite young, are dead.

Ray Mentzer
Mike Mentzer
Andreas Munzer
Mohammed Benaziza
Sonny Schmidt
Shelley Beattie
Paul De Mayo

Bertil Fox doing life for double murder. (Reduced sentence from an original death sentence.)

Quite sad really, but other than natural causes, I really hadn't thought much about long term exposure to AAS which may or may not have led to the death of some of the above and others I haven't mentioned.
Even though I was never in it to get that ripped, they were certainly pretty inspirational characters to a skinny kid from East London.

Is a back catalogue of Flex worth anything these days?

"As seen on Crimewatch."

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    Dr Z
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    RE: Flexing The Dead 2008/05/20 11:49:50 (permalink)
    Before the days of the internet , these magazines were pretty much the only insight into bodybuilding we had in the UK - therefore they were my "Bibles" - I got all the magazines regularly and read them from cover to cover , then stored them for later reference

    I do feel the quality of them was bettter in those days though - and there was same sort of "underground" feel that you get when reading the steroid sections of forums such as this
    unfortunately , the magazines then stopped talking about steroids , and in some cases went into denial about them - "Edgy" theorists that had previously discussed gear & cycles etc , were suddenly endorsing supplement companies , and the whole thing sort of fell apart IMO

    I still think the Mags are good , anything that gets the info out there is great - but the "hardcore" info now seems to come from the internet - whereas the magazines seem to offer a sort of "glossed over" shop window of bodybuilding

    I wish I hadn't thrown my old mags away now as they were a tremendous source of inspiration at the time
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    RE: Flexing The Dead 2008/05/20 11:52:50 (permalink)
    Is Bodybuilding Monthly still going

    I'll cross that bridge after i've burned it.
    Indianabol Jones
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    RE: Flexing The Dead 2008/05/20 12:01:44 (permalink)
    Absolutely agree with you there Zoids.
    This months issue looks so far removed from the old ones.

    I stopped collecting when it seemed to become so much more sanitised and clinical in its approach.
    The interviews and articles seemed to take a sharp turn towards "Hey look what you can do naturally" with a smiling 25inch bicep dude giving a thumbs up.

    For example, there's a picture of a dude looking ripped to shreds with dumbells advertising creatine and the slogan "...Brand X creatine could send your muscles on a warpath to massive gains".
    Yeah because that breakfast of champions diet had nothing do with it, huh?

    There are way more ads than before as well it seems.
    I'm gonna have to go and get the box out of the attic now to compare.

    I miss the 'Ask Brutal' section the most.

    "As seen on Crimewatch."
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    RE: Flexing The Dead 2008/05/20 12:05:25 (permalink)
    I've still got all the mags from 1990, when Dorian yates was competing for the Mr O's. Yea they have changed quiet a bit now, with loads more BB'ders promoting supps.

    Never show the weight that you're scared - Jay Cutler

    john e big guns
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    RE: Flexing The Dead 2008/05/20 12:26:13 (permalink)
    I have mags from the late 60's;70's back then BB mags were in the minority 'Weiders Muscle Mag; Iron Man; Health & Strength; Peak;

    Chris Lund who was around in the 70's at NABBA show, took some great shots and did some interesting profiles on British BBuilders back then [me included] that was before going over to USA and starting up with FLEX

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